Straight Talk Offers Samsung Galaxy Precedent for $149.88 Off-Contract (Video)

Straight Talk, the Wal-Mart exclusive TracFone brand known for attracting some of the more value conscious consumers out there, will be offing the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Precedent at under $150 off-contract according to a promotional video. That’s a nice deal coupled with Wal-Mart’s $45 per month plan for unlimited voice, text and data.

The details for this device are mostly unknown besides the generic mention of “multi-tasking, voice-based features and Picute/Video,” however the Precedent’s s appearance may remind you of the Samsung Prevail for both its boxy shape and external microSD located on its side.

You can reserve your very own economically conservative Android by pre-ordering at the Straight Talk website or just sit tight and add it to your next Wal-Mart shopping list.

Hit the break for Straight Talk’s promotional video.

[via engadget]

  • Wise Finish

    This is truly a game changer for “no contract” Android phones. Before, no other carrier offered the combination of “no contract” + unlimited data + extremely good coverage area.

    Straight Talk is only going to get bigger…

  • aztd1

    BUYER BEWARE!!! This is a Sprint network only phone, very little coverage in the US. I’m in the process of returning mine. No signal. My advice, because of the horrible coverage, is to stay away from this phone.

  • aztd1

    Comment made by “Wise Finish” sounds like a Straight Talk rep. “Extremely good coverage area”?….hahahaha. You can’t use this phone in entire states! Look at their own android map. Stay away from this phone. And suprise, if you buy it and it doesn’t work, you have to pay to send it back AND pay $45 for the month (even if you couldn’t get a signal). It’s a rip-off.

  • Johnny

    If you are in a pretty good size city ( which most of us are with smart phones ), then you will have NO problem with this phone..

  • ladyj

    I love the fact that they have an Android, but I’ve had the phone for two days and it is not great at all. the signal is wonderfull, but the battary life sucks. Your not provided with enough infomation on how the the phone works and it doesn’t have phone tutorial like the nokia smartphone does. over all on a scale of 1 to 10 I give it 4. That’s because i love the internet connection speed and the camrer resolution.

  • Pmn1975

    OK guys if you have not fig. it out on your own yet, most of the other post are true. Yes it is a Sprint Net Work.( SO CHECK COVERAGE IN YOUR AREA BEFORE YOU BUY) and don’t cry cause you don’t have should have done your home work.And yes when this phone was first released, it did have a few issues with over heating,Android 2.2 crashes,apps closing,and running slow. Most have been replaced or repaired and bug fixes completed to a point. An to those of you who Cry about short or bad battery life..Boohoo. I guess you have never owned a real Phone. HTC, iPhone, or Any Droid phone. A Android powered phone is like a mini computer it runs so much at a time to give you all the stuff you want like G.P.S. WI-Fi , Bluetooth,Nav,,Able to stream Net-flix,u-tube etc. and fast internet and good internal phone storage(good not great) plus able to expand to 32 gigs external and the ability to muti task( play you stored music and surf the web,while making a phone call ). all this takes A LOT OF POWER. So don’t WORRY there are FREE apps you can down load to save your Battery. And Task Killers ( shuts down UN needed programs ) that run most of the time in the background.And if you only use phone for Text,calls but no apps or the extras and still burn you battery in half a day or quicker get above type apps, because you are still running items in back ground you don’t see.

    I Have had this phone for a Few months and it is better then My HTC IMHO. And i dont mind the small coverge area due to the price of servace . 50 a month and i get all the same  stuff i got with AT&T for 200 less a month.This New Samsung Galaxy P is a good deal and a great phone. Just look at coverage area 1st.Be prepaired for quick Battery consumption get Apps to fix before you realy use your phone.And ask for help if you have never had a Anroid and if you get this phone i am sure you will think it is a great phone as well.

    P.S I know the above sounded a bit ruff but i really think it needed to be put that way to stress a few very very important issues that keep getting addressed about this phone due to someone not knowing issues up front and then giving bad revues because of it. So i am sorry to anyone who might take any of this to hart.

    Thanks for Reading.

    • Noname

      Couldn’t have said it any better my self.

  • Diara Latrice

    i get really angry when i see that the phone i want to purchase will not be able to get service in the town i live in. i would love if straight talk would allow their phones to be able to receive service anywhere, and any town