MetroPCS will offer Rhapsody Unlimited Music for Android phones

If you are a big music fan, you might want to look at MetroPCS. They are offering a new plan called Rhapsody Unlimited Music for Android phones which features unlimited talk, text, web, multimedia streaming and downloading access, and of course, music. You will have access to the 12 million songs that are in the Rhapsody library which you can stream or download for listening without a connection.

All of this will cost $60 per month which is not bad, but with $50 to $55 unlimited plans offered elsewhere, the Rhapsody part of the equation does not feel like that much of a bonus. It’s is not a bad deal if you happen to be a fan of Rhapsody.

[via metropcs]

  • Shain massi

    when i get the plan the 60.00 dollar plan and i get the Rhapsody unlimited music do you need a credit card to use it or download music ?