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Samsung Hercules and HTC Ruby Release Dates Leaked

There is no doubt the Samsung Hercules, a Galaxy S II variant, and the HTC Ruby are going to be hot devices coming to T-Mobile this fall. Specs on both of these devices are impressive and the sexy body styles are sure to impress. Full details are lacking for both of these devices, but at least a solid release date for each is looking clearer.

A leaked back-to-school slide shows both devices lunching simultaneously on October 26th. Previous rumors showed the Hercules launching near the end of September, but one more month shouldn’t kill anyone right? Since this isn’t an official announcement, the dates are also subject to change.

With the success of the Samsung Galaxy S II overseas, all eyes have been on the possible variants coming to the states, especially the Hercules. There is also the Samsung Galaxy S II event at the end of the month where T-Mobile will hopefully show off their upcoming device. That said, the Ruby may give the Hercules a run for its money spec wise, but more information on both is sure to flow in over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Which of these two will be the top T-Mobile contender this fall? Is either device enough to make you jump ship and head over to T-Mobile? Hit us up in the comments. One more pic after the break.

[via tmonews]

  • Jim

    How many people would jump “shit” to head to T-mobile?

  • Harold Williams

    @Jim – Yeah, that was a weird slip.