Better Android Apps Has Google Market Account Suspended

In what might be a misunderstanding, a small group of developers under the name of Better Android Apps has had their developing account suspended from the Market. The group has sent Google the following email.

“Dear Google,

Our developer account was suspended today, we have no ideas why. Can you please take a look and let us know? We believe we have not violated any android market policy.

A few of our applications are among the most popular apps in the android market, with a few millions downloads. We really hope this is just a misunderstanding and sincerely hope we can work something out.

Thanks in advanced,

Better Android”

The response from Google is as follows.


Your Android Market developer account has been suspended due to violations of our developer agreement and policies. You may view these terms here:

As a result, your developer account has been closed and your apps have been unpublished from Android Market. Please note that developer suspensions may span multiple Android Market account registrations. Please do not register a new developer account. We will contact you should your account become reinstated.


The Android Market Team”

Not particularly helpful. Google has had a few cases where they pull a developer account for seemingly no reason, and their lack of support afterwards is making many people nervous. A lot of developers have chosen Android over iOS to avoid this issue. What will happen if Google gets as tight-fisted as Apple? Hopefully it won’t come to that. If you want to support the developers or help them get their account back, hit up their blog in the source link.

[via betterandroid]

About the Author: Andrew Greenfield

Andrew Greenfield was born and raised in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. He is currently attending THE Ohio State University where he is majoring in Honors Industrial & Systems Engineering. He was allowed to pick a smartphone for college and has been surgically attached to his Evo ever since. When not playing around with his phone, Andrew enjoys playing frisbee, football, soccer, Super Smash Bros, fixing the technology for the technologically impaired, and making fun of M*chigan fans.

  • Eric

    On their blog I found:


    I wonder if this is the problem. I can see google getting upset if they’re openly posting content on the AM for other people. (even if that content relates to their application)

  • Eric

    Not sure why that quote didn’t show but it’s this:

    “If you dont have a market account or do not know how to package the skin artworks, you can simply modify the image files and send them back to us, we can post them for you. “

  • Angela Gamblin

    Wow, that sucks, I really hope Android won’t duplicate apple’s restrictive practices . It’s due to Google’s open, consumer-friendly feel (among other things) as well as their freer market, that caused me to consciously choose this platform over ios.

  • Lol

    That’s the great thing though. Google’s market not doing it for you? Don’t use it. I have your choice of Amazon, get jar, slide me, etc, out even directly from the author!

  • Eric G

    I find the way how Google threaten there users very disappointed. For me it shows that Google is only there for their own money.
    There is little difference between Google and say China. If you don’t follow their rules they just hang you without given you the opportunity to correct your fault and at least to let you now what you did wrong. Many people don’t even know what they did wrong. I wonder how Google would response if they where sued and have to pay 1 billion dollar without knowing the reason, accept they get a link to Department of Justice (read our rules). No advocate, no court, just paying. But this is what they do to their users. No right to defend you, just hanging.
    This is not the only case, we now also about the Google+ issues and more people who are disconnected from all services if they make any mistake.
    Google=China, don’t forget.

  • Rainman48

    Maybe, just maybe why don’t we all wait until we know more? Comparing Google to Jobs is a wee bit premature.


    BetterAndroid just needs to stop playing the victim. They clearly violated the developer agreement which they agreed to by submitting any Android app… Google is in the right here. BetterAndroid had committed multiple copyright infringements on material, and as per the agreement, they aren’t supposed to do that. and punishment for a repeat offender is suspension. granted they did have a great keyboard, but just because they are highly rated, doesn’t meant they are immune to punishment

  • Hood Hussein

    Both Google and BetterAndroid are doing great things for all of us, the Android fans. When they are in now in a dispute, we should not take side. Instead, let us be patient and give them enough time to sort it out in a good manner. Let us be wise beneficiaries.

  • Zenstrive

    I found out that Thumb Keyboard is better than Better Keyboard.

  • OrganizedFellow

    Thumb Keyboard is WAY better than Better Keyboard.
    I have it installed on my NOOK.
    Link here:

  • ingo


    today they suspended my account too, first they removed some apps, but never explained me why ? So i read the agreement, but i cannot find anything wrong with my apps…
    So i tried to change by myself and….removed again…
    but how can i change something, without knowing what is it ?
    There is NO E-mail or telephone support for developer..

    and today they suspended my accout too….without telling me why

    my employees are very sad, because i lost my money at the market account too….what will happen with our money at my account ???
    I cannot pay part of my employees if the dont pay us

    this is really sad

    and what about the customers ? they paid for my apps…and now they cannot download updates..they cannot download the apps too…

    if google would telling the developers early, they can change the apps, but there is no way to ask or no responds… it is like a lottery…when will they close my account and why ? lol

    this is not funny…sorry google, why is there no email or telephone support for developers ?

    maybe this posts will change something….

    bye the way, my team love programming for android and we like the easy way to contact our customers

    a sad small company

    sorry for my bad english

  • Tim

    Suspended my app too without warning and ability to improve. Support keeps silent for 2 days already.

    I think support must answer at least one developer request as we paid $35 to open an Android market account.

    Google’s definetly turning into monopoly and over time we will see more and more cases like this.

    I believe that more people should know about these facts and do not put all eggs into one basket (Google) which seems so appealing at first sight!

  • Leroy

    My account was suspended. My problem with this is that they just tell you that you have violated the rules. BUT WHICH RULES!!!! I have a few apps suspended for violation of content rules, but I had not violated any rules. My apps were sexy games, NOT NUDE I gave them a medium maturity rating and the content is 100% free. So I have repeatedly asked WHICH CONTENT rules have I violated??/ NO REPLY!!

  • John

    Hello guys, I make FREE android wallpapers. i just want to know those who got account suspended, how many apps got suspended from your account before google suspend your android account? I have 2 apps suspended already and I am afraid that my account will get suspended too :( Will they suspend my adsense too if they suspend my android account ?

  • Jason C

    I just had 27 apps removed and account banned. Reading up on the process it doesn’t seem promising.

    Don’t worry Google, my kid doesn’t need a college fund.

  • Richard is looking like a black hole from which no one ever gets a real response. is there anywhere else i can email or call about an android developer account suspension?

  • ingo

    no, i never got any response, nobody wants to talk or explain anything, the android market is very rude to their developer … i had never saw a bad service like this (anywhere)…i already moved to apple they always working with not against their developer and customers

    sorry google but no service ia a bad service….

  • Harish Annam

    I can make you get back on google android market place again! Contact me again if you want

    harish.annam is my gtalk

    • bannedev

      I was banned because I used keywords in my descriptions (yes its in there policy my bad, but go search for McAfee, Verizon, Google Maps, Comcast E App, they all have keywords, they just don’t care because there huge companies and Maps is there own app) how would you go about getting an account reinstated?

  • Babii

    Hi Guys last night i uploaded an App , it was just an hello world App whih is free , They suspended it i got email from Google team (Violation of the dangerous products provision of the Content Policy and sections 4.3 and 4.4 of the Developer Distribution Agreement.

    violations are tracked. Serious or repeated violations of any nature
    will result in the termination of your developer account, and
    investigation and possible termination of related Google accounts.
    dont know what they found in helloWorld App

  • Arijit Bhattacharyya

    one of the worst app store ever, they don’t care about the developers, today I had uploaded a simple music player app and all of a sudden they suspended the app without saying anything, they don’t have any support system they don’t listen all reply is by BOT’s . One of a worst service they offer to the developers. We do have few games with few million downloads and really we do show our approx 74 apps and games portfolio to our clients. Delicately we were making games for various platforms Since 1998, but with Android support it’s just waste of our time and money. Even the content policy guideline is not at all clear about their any policy, with Apple at least they call back if there is any issues or for any help. So as Microsoft or Opera.