T-mobile Investigating Battery Issues on All Android Devices Using Their Network

Android users on the T-mobile network may be in for a shock, as a sudden and violent drop in battery life appears to be sweeping across the board. There is a thread on the T-mobile forums addressing the issue, but employees seem to be at a loss. There is a suspicion that changes to the 2G/3G data modes may be the culprit, though T-mobile needs any and all input from users experiencing issues. If this is, in fact, an issue with the network, it may be some time before T-mobile sees a resolution. If you’re one of the unlucky few, let us know in the comments below!

[via t-mobile]

  • LadyDi

    Around the 28th or so last month, the battery barely made it 6 hours a day. I was getting about 10/12 even with SPB Shell 3D and GPS usage. Hope something gives soon.

  • Phillip Sheasby

    i too have had this happen to me, it went from 88% to totally dead in 3-4 secs of use, told my mrs and she said should have got a nokia, funny, ive got LG OPTIMUS 2X

  • paul degiovanni

    I have the sensation and it will drop from 100% to 50 % in about an hour. I must have a charger or back up battery with me all the time. I never can get through a whole day without charging 2 or 3 times. This has been the norm for about a month. I have noticed the network switching from 4G to 2G much more often then before. I rarely had that issue with my nexusone. I do realize this is a 4G phone, so maybe the problem is with the network.

  • Stephanie V

    Sensation 4G. Fully charged at 7:30am today, and by 1:15pm it was dead. I have not made any phone calls today and maybe checked facebook 2-3 times. This is about the 3rd day in a row I’ve noticed this.

  • Ryan Johnson

    I bought the Sensation 4g a week ago and straight out of the box, it never held a fully charged battery for very long. I have got 4 hours at the most before i was down to 10%. with that being said, i ran down the battery after setting it up initially and let it die completely. then recharged while powered off to 100% like everyone says you are supposed to do. When it is fully charged after an overnight charge, it will only get 4 hours max of very light use(a few call, texts and checking email)before i have to plug it back in because the battery is down to 10%. That issue paired with the Wi-fi cutting out when you put your fingers next to the power button, this phone is gonna have to go back i’m afraid.

  • Ang

    It’s not just an issue for tmobile. Burned thru 2 batteries in 24 hours on sprint. Switched to iPhone and Att. Battery seems to be not holding charge when NOT connected to wifi also.

  • Davis

    Well with my 4g on the battery doesnt last long. But I still love my phone and 4g speeds!