HTC Finally Releases Source for Most Recent Devices, EVO 3D and Sensation

Android’s greatest strength is its openness, allowing for a huge amount of support from the developer community. And while there has been tremendous success from some great teams in generating custom ROMs from the ground up, and piecing ROMs together from other sources, the best ROMs come right behind the manufacturers making the kernel sources available. HTC has been lagging a bit in that department lately, but it appears that they just got caught up. They have made available the kernel sources for their most recent devices, in one fell swoop. Developers, head over to their site to grab the source code for the Salsa and ChaCha, EVO 4G and 3D models, Droid Incredible 2, and Sensastion 4G, which are available now to complement the sources they had already released. We’re very excited to see what you cook up!

[via htc]

  • Tony Hedges

    I believe that the source code for the DesireHD had been released previously, where would you look to find if anyone has done a custom rom based on this?