Samsung Galaxy S 2 may grace AT&T in non-slider form as well

We’ve been seeing a lot of rumors surrounding the Galaxy S 2 lately. First, we saw that it may be coming to Verizon as the Samsung Function, and then we saw some leaked photos of what appeared to be a Galaxy S 2 slider phone coming to AT&T. In the latest product of the rumor mill (and Mr. Blurrycam), we’re seeing that there may very well be a non-slider version of the S2 coming to AT&T. Whether that’s on top of a qwerty-style device or replacing the previous rumor, we’re not sure.

The device pictured above is supposedly in testing and slated for the death star AT&T, is branded as a Galaxy S 2 from Samsung, has a WVGA display, and is running android 2.3.4. While none of this is official, you can keep it here for all the latest. Would you rather see a slider or slate phone coming to AT&T with the almighty S 2 name? Let us know in the comments.

[via ac]

  • Martin K

    I would like to see slider SGS2 available worldwide…

  • Jim E

    I hope to see the non-slider version on AT&T

  • Thomas C

    Non slider!!!!

  • allan g

    no Slider…just keep it as is with att logo on the outside…done

  • LBoogie

    No reason to make a slider at all… it is meant to be a slate just give it so I can have my phone! UGH!

  • matt

    sliders suck and the sexiness is thats its so thin and simple! i cant wait and if i find out its a slider i will be so disappointed! i might even go with another carrier regardless of the fact that you cant talk on the phone and use the web at the same time.