SyncIt For Android Helps Your Dropbox Stay Up To Date

Senior Moderator over at xda has seemingly brought Dropbox junkies a gift from the heavens. His application, SyncIt, works as an extension with Dropbox to keep all of your files up to date. SyncIt by using the Dropbox API and your Dropbox account to keep any file you choose up to date in your Dropbox and any other Android device you might have SyncIt installed on. The app is currently in beta, so feedback is welcomed with open arms in order to make it better.

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SyncIt is a basically a Dropbox extention, it uses the Dropbox API and your Dropbox Account to keep any specified file updated in you Dropbox as well as on any other Android devices with SyncIt installed.

What this means is say you have to have a certain game always up to date on all of your android devices? Well simply select it in SyncIt and have it installed on both devices and SyncIt will monitor that file and keep it up to date on both devices.

*** How To Use ***

Simply go to your favorite file browser, find the file you wish to SyncIt. Long press on that file and press Send/Share(differs depending on your File Browser). Then select SyncIt, the file will then be uploaded and synced across all devices with SyncIt installed.

You can find the application thread here.

[via xda]

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  • Duc

    You may also want to check out Dropsync

    It syncs any set of folders on SD card with Dropbox. It’s full two-way sync, just like Dropbox on Desktop

    Disclosure: I am the author of this app

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    Going to try this for synching Angry Birds between my phone and tablet.