LeafROM for the Samsung Replenish goes Beta

One might think that some phones, like the Samsung Replenish, just don’t get as much love as others. This thought would be understandable, too, considering that this “eco-friendly” smartphone doesn’t have the largest user base. Surprisingly enough, this isn’t actually the case; developer Shabbypenguin over at the AC forums has just released a beta version of LeafROM, fixing several of the problems inherent with a “stock” phone. While rooting and removing bloatware like the “rescue server” app, Shabbypenguin also adds some new features such as the Gingerbread malware patch. If you’re looking for the “rooting and hacking” experience, and own the Replenish, why not check it out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

[via ac]

  • Chad Portenga

    I’ve been running Leaf 0.3 for several months and love it.  It is much more stable than stock was and offers better customization via SuperUser (Root).  Added RomToolbox and Link2SD apps (both require Root access – which you get with Leaf) and you’re able to move programs to the SD card that otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to, and for many that can’t be moved, you can create a “link” that tricks the phone into thinking it’s running on the internal memory, but in reality, you are running it on a separate partition on the SD card (This requires some special set ups, but it’s not all that difficult).

    Overall, I’m quite impressed with the ease of installing Leaf.  It was a little tricky because I wasn’t sure it was rooted, but after doing a reset, it booted to the new ROM.

    Hats off to ShabbyPenguin and his work!