Synergy ROM Updated to RC2

Team Synergy has been hard at work. After about 2 weeks of nightlies they’ve given us another, more stable, release candidate that has a lot of extra goodies packed in. The ROM is for the Evo, The Droid Incredible, and the My Touch 4G but is starting to be ported to other devices as well. Hit the break to see all the goodies and for a link!

Taken directly from Myn’s thread, located here.

The RC2 Changelog:

  • Enabled wireless 802.11 N in kernel modules
  • Added Panoramic and HDR support to Camera (Thanks aamikam)
  • Fixed Google Auto App/Settings Restore
  • Added New Netflix with 1080p, Auto Rotation and Video Enhancement (Thanks Sprintusa)
  • Updated Market to 3.0.26
  • Added Total Memory, Media Volume, Brightness and Auto Rotation to Quick Settings (Thanks Chingy)
  • Updated DSP Manager
  • Added Preset Email Providers From Sense 3.0
  • Updated Google Maps/Nav to 5.7.0
  • Updated Facebook to 1.6.1
  • Updated Flash Player to
  • Other minor tweaks and bugfixes

The Camera, updated Android Market (which is SWEET by the way), and the quick settings are probably the first things you’ll notice and the things that you’ll immediately appreciate. That doesn’t mean that the other goodies aren’t nice as well. The updated email providers from Sense 3.0 and the new wireless kernel modules are great news for those that use their device for business as well as pleasure.

If you’ve never experienced Synergy, here’s our TalkAndroid review where the ROM garnered ridiculous praise. And if you want a little inside scoop on the ROM and some hints at what will be coming next from some of the Team Synergy members (Warm TwoPointThree???) and Team Synergy, check out our exclusive interview with Team Synergy’s own Incubus.

Hit up the xda thread for a download!

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Andrew Greenfield was born and raised in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. He is currently attending THE Ohio State University where he is majoring in Honors Industrial & Systems Engineering. He was allowed to pick a smartphone for college and has been surgically attached to his Evo ever since. When not playing around with his phone, Andrew enjoys playing frisbee, football, soccer, Super Smash Bros, fixing the technology for the technologically impaired, and making fun of M*chigan fans.

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