God Mode brings unbelievable speeds to new custom Android ROMs

While there are a lot of people out there who will argue that benchmarks are ridiculous, the opposite argument always remains. Benchmarks are a great way to let you know how your Android device is performing overall, and also let you know just how much better your device is than your buddies. In the latest hack from XDA member and well known HTC Evo 4G ROM’er Virus, he has introduced what he is calling “God Mode”. What does it do, you ask? Check out the image above and see for yourself. The tweak has been inserted into the wildly popular Kingdom ROM for the Evo 4G, and has the device getting Quadrant score of up and over 1900 (insert “over 9000” joke here).

So, how is it done? According to XDA:

Leaving all the technical aspects aside (as they are not 100% clear to me), God Mode in essence is a new yaffs2+ext2 partition made in the rom, which drastically improves the I/O performance on a device.

A relatively simple explanation for a remarkably complicated and possibly game changing tweak. Any of our readers out there using Virus’ Kingdom ROM, be sure to let us know your scores in the comments. You can check out the ROM thread here.

[via xda]

  • Doogie Howser

    Is this like the ‘uber-quadrant’ hack in the BAMF roms that just tricks Quadrant into pushing out an outrageous score?

  • Eao1991

    Even without this God Mode tweak my samsung epic has always had a benchmark scored at least 1940 running a custom rom and kernel. When overclocked it exceeds 2400

  • drdrewdown

    is this not the same thing that the Snap kernel did for CyanogenMod v6?

  • Eric

    I like.