Another Rant: Apple Sues HTC, Google Backs HTC, and Why All of These Lawsuits are Bad for Consumers

Once again Apple has taken the low road and decided to sue another competitor with as many lawsuits as it can come up with in hopes one of them works. As a Macbook Pro lover and someone who has used various iOS devices almost as much as Android, it’s no secret that I do have a small love for Apple deep down inside. Yeah, I prefer Android, but I realize how important iOS is in the grand scheme of things and why so many people love it (it IS a great OS). However, Apple’s recent lawsuit against HTC is starting to make me seriously dislike what the company is becoming. Buckle down if you proceed. This Apple rant is about to get ugly. Very ugly.

Let’s get this out of the way first so people don’t bring this up: Android did not copy iOS since that’s the only thing the hardcore “iSheep” cling to now that Android looks to be beating/on course to be beating iOS in every department they once bragged about (see market share, sales, apps, and more). For the love of god, that’s like saying Ford should sue BMW for making something that has four wheels and is powered by a motor. Apple did not come up with the idea of a smartphone. Hell, they didn’t even come up with the idea of a touch screen smartphone. What they did do was make the first smartphone that was able to bridge the corporate world and the consumer world. Yes, Apple opened up the market. However, because we live in good ol’ ‘Merica, monopolies can not exist. If you have a great innovation someone is bound to take it and try to beat you at your own game. Why should Apple be the only person allowed to make smartphones? iSheep (yes, I’m irritated to the point where I’ll be referring to them as that) seem to believe that it should only be Apple in the market. Anyone else who makes a touch screen phone is copying.

I don’t know what irritates me more: The fact that Apple sees this as a way to compete in a market where they’re getting their butt handed to them, or that their followers find absurd ways to justify it. Those two together made me realize something that both Google and HTC have said: Apple has not innovated ANYTHING in the phone world since the 3G. The original iPhone was so far ahead of the competition that it took YEARS for an adequate competitor to show up (hello Android). The original iPhone should be considered Apple’s greatest invention. It is quite simply brilliant. However, the Apple stereotype of riding their own success to sell aged hardware is starting to look true to me. I’ve rigorously defended Apple when people bring this up. I love my Macbook Pro. Can you get the same specs on a Windows laptop for half the price? Probably. But it won’t run as well. However, I can no longer think of the Apple that makes my MBP and the iPhone as the same company. Apple lead the world into the smartphone race, and even improved on its own design with the 3G. Since then they’ve just rode the success and hype about the iPhone. What else has Apple brought to the table? The iPhone 4 press release was torn apart in the tech world since the only “new” thing on the phone was the retina screen. It was torn apart in the spec department when compared to similar range Android phones. The only thing that kept Apple rolling was the “polished” feel of iOS compared to the still maturing Android OS. Yeah, the Evo made the iPhone look like a child’s toy, but the phone had a few more bugs than the iPhone. Now that Android phones are starting to catch up in usability, Apple has been forced to do what it learned the hard way in the 90’s from Microsoft: Try and sue/buy everyone in the market until you’re the only one left standing. It’s pathetic. I hate it. And you should too. Rather than innovating and trying to redefine the user experience (something they dominated in the early 2000’s) they’re trying to keep Android from kicking the crap out of them.Find me an HTC Android phone that looks, acts, or even has similar features to the iPhone (against Samsung you have a reasonable argument). But HTC? Really? Sense is universally accepted as the best and most unique Android skin. HTC by itself is probably taking a huge chunk out of Apple’s sales and it knows that. While no single phone is dominating the iPhone, the choice of so many great phones tailored to the users’ needs is taking the world by storm. Apple is scared. They should be.

I’m starting to think the iPhone 5 wasn’t announced because it would be laughed at, similar to iOS 5. Notification Center? And people claim that Android copied iOS? Let’s look at some of the idiocy that iSheep cling to (this was taken from an Apple News Site in the order that the arguments were presented).

Android copied the App Store with the Market. If you honestly believe that Apple was the first to use Apps then you are truly idiotic. The only thing Apple did was show that it was easy to make money even when the phone was already sold.

Android phones look exactly like the iPhone. Really?! I didn’t know the iPhone came with a kickstand, a keyboard, 4 keys, and a 4.3″ screen. Oh wait, it doesn’t. You know what? HTC phones have those features, but the iPhone doesn’t. Are you saying that Apple has the right to every electronic device that is rectangular and has a touch screen? Go look up PDAs.

Android looks like iOS. This one is my favorite. If you can’t tell the difference between the screen of an Android phone and an iPhone words can’t describe how sorry I feel for you. Android notifications don’t SUCK and are conveniently located at the top of your screen. There are these magical things called “widgets” that allow you to look at information without having to click anything. Before iOS 4, iPhone users weren’t even aware that your smartphone didn’t have to have a boring black background. Please, show me how similar iOS and Android are.

*Inserts picture of Galaxy S II phone with 4×4 app layout and 4 apps fixed at the bottom* If you ignore my opinion where I said Apple has a legitimate claim with Samsung, I have this to say: So Apple invented the idea of having programs have shortcuts on your desktop with iOS did they? That’s odd, because I remember my old ’96 PC having the exact same thing. Should I be worried about an Apple lawsuit?

Apple makes more money with the iPhone than Google does with Android. I win. If you’ve ever been on a forum where there is a debate about smartphones, you will almost always see this come out of someone’s mouth. Similar to a cornered fox, iSheep go wild when they know they have lost. The only battle “they’re” winning (few realize that as a consumer, Apple’s bottom line shouldn’t mean much to you. If anything it should annoy you) is in the profit margins. Yep, Apple has Android on this one. Yet people still throw this one out there as if they expect Android users to care. If you can get this out of an iSheep, realize your battle has been won.

So what about iOS 5? I bet it brought a lot to the table that no one saw coming, right? Nope. All Apple did was play catch up to where Android is now. Notification Center? The most blatant rip off of all time. Wireless updates? Hasn’t the rest of the smartphone industry been doing that for years? Updating info on the lock screen? Seems like a crappy widget that can only be in one place to me. Tabbed Browsing? Honeycomb had that before iOS did. Flash? Nope, still don’t have that. Ability to customize your phone? Yeah, if you all you desire to change is the wallpaper. iOS 5 is a joke. Even if you made a great argument and convinced me that Android copied iOS, I would have to believe then that it was because iOS was the OS to copy; the top dog. What does it say when Apple had to copy Android features to keep its fan base happy in iOS 5 then, despite a 2 year lead on its biggest (and arguably only) competitor? Exactly.

So why should you be irritated? Quite frankly Apple is trying to create a monopoly. How happy are you about the pseudo-monopoly in the gas industry? Based on gas prices for your car, probably not very happy. Apple is no longer innovating, and because of that they want to stop others from doing so and pulling further ahead of them. As a consumer that’s not good. I love that HTC is pushing the envelope. They brought us the 4G craze, they brought us the 3D capable phone, and they’re going to keep trying things because they’re a good company. Will the facebook phone of theirs fail? Probably. But at least they’re trying it. I want companies in the phone world that compete with new ideas and improving user experience…Not that try to bully others around because they were the big kid on the block in their golden days. That’s pathetic Apple. Absolutely pathetic.

I can only imagine how many iSheep I irritated with this rant. And you know what? Bring it. After a long day at work I could use an ego boost.


About the Author: Andrew Greenfield

Andrew Greenfield was born and raised in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. He is currently attending THE Ohio State University where he is majoring in Honors Industrial & Systems Engineering. He was allowed to pick a smartphone for college and has been surgically attached to his Evo ever since. When not playing around with his phone, Andrew enjoys playing frisbee, football, soccer, Super Smash Bros, fixing the technology for the technologically impaired, and making fun of M*chigan fans.

  • alzaabi

    Dude good job, this kind of articles what we need to have all the iBlinds aware of the differences between the two platforms.

  • nihir

    I’m a huge fan of the movement toward open software. Android is the best avenue to achieving that goal.

    However, your childish manner of calling people who use Apple products iSheep, lowers your arguments to the level of extremist ideology.

    Your make some good points, which is what got me reading, but your arguments ended up lacking any power because of your inability to stay above the fray.

  • Silver Fang

    Apple has become as tyrannical as MS was back in the 90s. It seems like the old computer wars are now being fought on the smartphone front. I’ve never had the dubious pleasure of using an iPhone, so I really can’t comment about it either way. I have enjoyed (mostly) my experience with my Android.

    I certainly hope Apple isn’t able to bully every Android maker into submission with these crazy patent lawsuits. I don’t want to be limited to buying Apple’s phone because I will refuse. I’d rather go back to using Kyocera dumbphones than use an iPhone.

  • The_Android_Guy


    Very well put! You did a damn good job with this piece! I liked it so much I shared it on G+ lol.

    I have to agree with you on how Apple is trying to play catch up in iOS 5. A co worker of mine has the iPhone 4 and all she can back up with her phone, as I showed off my new HTC Sensation, is the fact that iPhone apps are more organized on the desktop. Really? That’s it? That’s all you got? I dunno… I’m just saying Android has gone a very long way since the G1 and I will always stick with them. Apple going after Samsung, HTC and so on is a sign of them being scared and sufferingincome wise. Besides, we have Google AND many other manufacturers to back us up.

    Again, great article. Loved it!

  • dre

    Spoken from the gut! I love when a article is rehearsed!

  • cheetah90

    I agree with you 100%. Apple is scared. Android is doing what windows did for the PC.

  • Mark

    Nihir I disagree. The sheer emotion and disgust towards the topic by the author is evident in this…this…RANT. I love the edge and it actually makes it more believable. Kudos Andrew, few authors take the risks you just did. They are too afraid of the storm that will come. Consider me a new reader to your work.

  • Eric

    I would love to hear an “I”diot argue their point after reading this article. Eventually Apple will tarnish their reputation if they continue on with these ridiculous suits.

  •šeckas/1802491461 Arvydas Grušeckas

    Shut the f*** up, that Apple took the low road. Your Android garbage violates patents and it must be killed! Everyone are suig your garbage and Apple has to win!

  • Husam

    Hello iphone haters well.
    You said android android android and copared it to the iphone , well please give me a device had an android on it and doesnt look cheap at the same time . I really would like to use htc device for 3 month and store some data on it and it does not suck after that and get slow and turttling while sliding pages . And whats wrong with gudgets. Do you realy buy a phone for 800$ becouse it has a lovely gadget . I know there is nothing new in iphone4 but people still buy becouse they had enough of crappy products of htc and other branss .

    • Andrew Greenfield

      Would you like me to show you an iPhone 3GS running any version of iOS4? I can download entire albums before my friend Maggie’s 3GS can load the Safari application. And have you ever played a really power consuming game on the iPhone 4? Tower Defense games are my favorite, especially the ones that allow you go on forever. The problem with a lot of them is that the moment the screen gets cluttered any iOS device slows to a crawl because the A processors are GREATLY over hyped in performance. The only reason they run so well is because of the fantastic task manager on the iPhone. And putting data on your phone and SD card doesn’t slow down your phone. Serious question: Do you have ANY idea what you’re talking about?

  • Keith

    Absolutely agree with every word. If someone prefers their iPhone, I have no problem with them, and would never call them names. However, once someone comes forward and defends these idiotic lawsuits, all bets are off. I was introduced to the smart phone world a couple of years ago, and I was planning on getting an iPhone but ended up getting a Droid instead by sheer chance. Boy am I glad! I have friends with iPhones, and everything I’ve seen so far confirms my choice.

  • Rounak Jain

    more than the iSheep, it’s the aSheep that’s ridiculous. Specs? Why bother when the device runs smoother than your best specc’ed device? Well yeah, I can feel the pain.

    iOS 5 was torn apart? I can only laugh at that. Please, come out of your own world and see what is actually happening.

    Just for the sake of it, Apple did include the ‘Notifications’ thing from Android, but think about it like this – they beat you at your own game. Talk about being scared by the competition.

    Also, protecting one’s own IP does not mean ‘taking down the low road’, at all. It’s only fair.

    Just to clarify, I’m no fanboy of either OS, but the amount of idiocrisy that’s on show here, makes me wonder whatever happened to neutrality.

    • Andrew Greenfield

      Rounak Jain,
      CLEARLY you’re not a fanboy of either camp.
      On that note, yes, iOS was torn apart. I can get links for you if you’d like. People were not only upset about the lack of an iPhone 5 being shown, but how few improvements iOS 5 brought to the table. It was no where near the upgrade that iOS 4 was compared to iOS 3.
      And while you can try to argue about the notifications thing (what makes notification center better by the way? especially since they’re THE EXACT SAME), I find it funny that when Apple steals it is beating their competition at their own game. But when Android improves on Apple’s smartphone ideology by making better products it’s stealing. Take a seat.

  • Rainai

    @Nihir: well he did say it’s a rant.

  • nick m

    Wow great article! I never post comments for any site but i had to give props to this. I can’t stand apple. I don’t use any of their products. Not even an iPod.

  • Matt

    Wow, you were serious about taking on the iSheep. Rounak Jain, Andrew just took you to a clinic on how to prove a point. You walked right into a trap. Dear jesus I hope you respond to his just so I can see how he does it again haha

    On another note, this article is great. I too own a Macbook Pro (as well as an iPod and an iPad). I do also own an Epic 4G so I guess you could just say that I’m pretty well rounded in the tech world. With that in mind, this is one hell of an article; I loved it. I agree with Mark, this article to a lot of balls to write and I respect that. I don’t know what you had boiling up inside of you but thank you for letting it out. Great article.

  • Kraziel

    Well spoken man. It’s clear apple wants to take over, but they also state thier technology is innovative yet want to take everything down with them.

  • Rhjs

    Apple is the big bully or like a gangster in the world of mobile technology. Since they have placed iPhone in the market they want to rule. They are so absorbed in their success with the iPhone (2g,3g and 4g) that they didn’t realize their competitors can do much better. Now they are crying like a baby and trying to sue one of the best company in the tech world (HTC). I own a HTC Desire HD and I believe it’s much better in all prospective than the iPhone 4, I agree completely with you Andrew…

  • alzaabi

    @Andrew Greenfield +1 HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • pleirosei

    This is a well written article, despite the rant.

    Nihir, how can you say the ‘childish’ manner lowers the argument to an extremist ideology? His childish manner does not. He can legitimately call many of apple’s followers iSheep for a couple of reasons, but the main one is he owns a MBP and several iOS devices, so he knows the differences between the iOS and Android quite thoroughly. Thus he has more than enough experience to discern when someone is so blinded by Apple’s marketing that they fail to be able to discern for themselves differences in smartphone technology. How can such people not be called, or identified, as iSheep?

    Secondly, he’s not calling people who use Apple products, iSheep. He uses Apple products, and he doesn’t even consider himself apart of that flock. He is only calling “iSheep” those who are blind to the obvious facts and who are also supporting Apple in these retarded lawsuits because Apple cannot innovate.
    I am a crazy android fan, but I am also a nerd, and I cannot sit here and say android is perfect and at times doesn’t feel sluggish. However, I am running 2.3.3 GB on an OG Droid, while my wife’s iPod iOS runs really smooth. But its like I told my friend, iOS is a minimalist OS, its not made to do anything that is resources intensive, and its scaled down hardware testifies to that.

    Apple has such audacity, that when I called them to buy memory for my wife’s iMac, they tried to sell me 4 Gigs of DDR2 memory for 200 dollars, and this was 2-3 weeks ago, as if DDR3 memory isn’t out. Granted, I bought the same memory from Fry’s for 75 dollars, lol.

    That’s sort of off topic. Just look at the iPhone 4. It’s marketing followed the same logic as the Mac vs PC marketing. Just the name, “iPhone 4” has made people think they have a 4G phone, just as Mac vs PC makes people think they don’t have a PC, simply because it runs “OS X,” I mean “modified FreeBSD,” I mean something that was free, repackaged, and sold.

    But enough ranting.

  • GoPadge

    “Apple makes more money with the iPhone than Google does with Android. I win.”

    What a joke. The response to that statement should be:

    “You mean Apple(which controls both the software and hardware) charges more per device, than Google (for the software) nad the Vendor (for the hardware) charge. Sounds like you overpaid twice…”

  • Aaron

    “Apple makes more money with the iPhone than Google does with Android. I win.”

    To that, I say:
    “Oh, and they share that with you, do they? Where do I sign?”

    Otherwise, it’s irrelevant.

  • kyle

    what a poorly written article. Android wouldn’t be here without Apple and you claim that Apple needs to innovate? You’re more dumb than the people you call idiots. Android straight up wripped off iOS and and everyone else knows it. That’s why it takes all those hundreds of Android phones to beat one iPhone. As you said “take a seat”

    • Andrew Greenfield

      Kyle, Alex pretty much summed up my response. I am aware that had it not been for the iPhone, Android would not be what I know and love today. Just as well, you also seemed to skip over the fact that I said that Apple should be praised for the iPhone. It was a wonderful invention and the mobile and tech world wouldn’t be the same without it. I’m also not too sure what “wripped” is. Regardless, please show me where Android “ripped” off Apple? You mean the part where they built an entirely new OS where the only similar features are phone call capabilities, data enabled, and there are programs -or apps- that can add to extra entertainment for your device? It’s weird, my old feature phones had the first two and every computing system in this day and age has the last one.
      And thank you for bringing up that last point! I totally forgot to include that one! I’m disappointing with the iPhone fanboys who didn’t bring it up. Yes, it takes hundreds of Android phones to beat 2-3 models of the iPhone. However, that’s Apple’s choice and how their company rolls. You don’t hear anyone (who’s considered sane) saying Apple is winning the desktop war because their two or three different models outsell any single computer running Windows or Linux. It’s all about the mobile operating system, not the individual phones. You’re trying to compare apples and oranges. When people talk about iOS and Android they’re talking about OS’s that run on smartphones, not individual phone sales. Thanks for playing though :)

  • jared

    Love it! The points you make are great! It is rare to find an article so powerful that the iFans don’t even have the guts to try and attack. Well done my friend!

  • alex

    Kyle just because you write take a seat doesnt mean you did anything. Notice how he said that Android did enter the market because of Apple. Even better, you were too stupid to notice he said Apple hasn’t innovate since the 3G; not that they never have. He actually gives praise to the original iPhone for being good smart one. Regardless of how many phones it takes, Apple is getting its butt kicked. Learn to read before you try logic.

  • Jason

    I got rid of my iphone4 this year and I regret doing so. The truth is that if one of them succeeds the other will always try to copy it. They are both guilty of this. When did google add a front facing camera? After facetime. As a self professed nerd myself I got caught up in thinking the grass was greener. Some things I hate so far:

    -text selection is horribly implemented
    -fingerprint scanner randomly stops working
    -not compatible with as many accessories as my iphone.
    – still waiting for gingerbread. WTF
    – different opengl implemenations for different gpus. Not all games will run on every phone. Even high end ones.
    -keyboard not as accurate as my iphone
    -fragmentation. Netflix/july and others only available on a small number of phones
    -rootng is much more complicated than jailbreaking, and yet far more necessary.
    – elitist bastards who tell me that android is made for” true” nerds and ios is for sheep.

  • From OSX to Lion SUX

    Hi while i agree with your mark and theme for article, along with the fact that isheep are indeed morons that were in need of an image they could purchase as they had no identity on there own. I do disagree with some major points in your rant, first of all it is important to note that i own 2 mac computers, an org. apple tv, ipod, etc, that being said the iphone was not innovation, at the time of the release of the org. iphone I was using a 2 year old tmobile MDA, AKA HTC Wizzard. I did not purchase the iphone simply because it offered me less than the MDA running WindowsMobile. The iphone was only slimmer, used mac software, slightly better specs, and a much better screen. I would lose a full office suite, a hardware keyboard, a stylus(important for taking signatures on purchase orders), a ton of other software, tethering, expandable storage, the list goes on and on. The MDA was what I gave up my Blackberry for. The iphone offered me nothing more than sex and fraternity. I instead held out for the g1, a phone that had even less than the iphone, why because it was so easy to see that it was the future, a mobile platform that is open sourced and readily available, backed by google including its search and other products, where any dork including those still living in their moms basement who never see the light of day can create the next great thing for, not just apps but commits to the actual OS. Yes I like many others took the leap of faith. I have never looked back, apples main selling point always was, plug it in and it just works, except as of late it doesn’t. I can go on and add many more points you missed in your rant, but I will instead just some it up for all of you iheads like this, if you choose iphone because of your already extensive itunes library or because you like it better than great!! this is the right attitude and I am happy for you, however if you bought it because Job’s is “the future” than think about one thing.. If Apple is the future and the best and the real innovators than why would you be concerned with suing someone who stole your old tech, your already in the future with your innovations and them using the old stuff would be just that old. (Note I dont think anyone stole anything from apple) BTW isn’t OSX and IOS based of of linux ?

  • From OSX to Lion SUX

    “-text selection is horribly implemented” that moto blur GB fixes it

    “-fingerprint scanner randomly stops working” ?!? where is iphones fingerprint scanner? btw mine works fine

    “-not compatible with as many accessories as my iphone.” Like what your idock? its has more ports and bluetooth so what can you possibly be missing

    “- still waiting for gingerbread. WTF” I have it guess its your fault, OTA will be next week for your info

    “- different opengl implemenations for different gpus.” translation umm this isnt apple

    “Not all games will run on every phone. Even high end ones.” I Have 8 devices and np, either way this is the app developer not android

    “-keyboard not as accurate as my iphone” I always actually beleived this with android till i used iphone 4 the iphone4 is horribly innacurate, 3gs i think is better though

    “-fragmentation. Netflix/july and others only available on a small number of phones” Once again this was decided with netflix not android becuase they wanted to make money off launching it with certain phones… besides options are out there

    “-rootng is much more complicated than jailbreaking, and yet far more necessary.” Really ?!? superone click on your atrix was hard? it was one click, letting some one else do it for you on the latest build with in 24 hours than flashing there work is hard ? sorry 0 points here

    “- elitist bastards who tell me that android is made for” true” nerds and ios is for sheep.” Sounds like maybe you have that condition that they adressed on last season of south park, you get mad because you dont think you quite measure up

  • AAPLBear

    Patent lawsuits are a sign of desperation, and many individual Apple investors are going to rush for the exits within 3-5 years, when rev growth slows and/or a non-replaceable organ fails inside Steve Jobs.

    AAPL’s market cap today is way out of proportion with a rational long term (10 yr+) valuation for a company making fashion-driven luxury consumer electronics. They should not be worth anywhere near as much as the world’s largest oil company. You can’t eat an iPad and it won’t keep you warm at night.

  • Daeng Bo

    But you _do_ hear lots of Apple fans claiming that Apple is winning by making that exact argument. When you make your final point about iOS, their script calls for them to respond with total iOS (iPod / iPhone / iPad) numbers vs. total Android numbers. I need to look at the arguments and make a call-center script for Apple fans complete with flowchart.

    Apple-ites that feel invested in the company’s growing wealth and extreme profit margins remind me of Microsofties in the 90s who felt proud to have made BG the richest man in the world by buying a couple of copies of Windows / Office.

  • Brendan

    I was an iSheep until Apple attacked Flash. Now flash has it’s flaws but so does every technology. Why tear down other technologies? They had a go at Java aswell but backed off. I now HATE apple with everything that is in me. I love microsoft google html5 flash java c++ everything but I hate Apple.

  • Jason

    “-text selection is horribly implemented” that moto blur GB fixes it

    -Maybe on my Atrix, but not on my fiances incredible. It still is not as clean as it is in the iphone.

    “-fingerprint scanner randomly stops working” ?!? where is iphones fingerprint scanner? btw mine works fine

    -This was just something that I noticed with my phone. Others are having this problem as well. Some have complained about it on the xda forums and others.

    “-not compatible with as many accessories as my iphone.” Like what your idock? its has more ports and bluetooth so what can you possibly be missing

    -If you seriously believe that Android has the same support from accessory manufacturers then you are delusional. Car stereos, Speaker Docks, Home theater recievers can all be found with custom iOS device integration.

    “- still waiting for gingerbread. WTF” I have it guess its your fault, OTA will be next week for your info

    -My fault how? I could be wrong, but hasnt gingerbread been around for about six months now? Thats funny, I always got my ios updates the day they were released.

    “- different opengl implemenations for different gpus.” translation umm this isnt apple

    “Not all games will run on every phone. Even high end ones.” I Have 8 devices and np, either way this is the app developer not android

    -I was actually referring to the proprietary texture compression methods used by each GPU. Yes, this is a developer issue but something that the users have to deal with in the end. iOS does not have this issue.

    “-keyboard not as accurate as my iphone” I always actually beleived this with android till i used iphone 4 the iphone4 is horribly innacurate, 3gs i think is better though

    -My iphone keyboard was extremely accurate. I can say that my issues with the android keyboard could be that my fingers are just used to the iphone.

    “-fragmentation. Netflix/july and others only available on a small number of phones” Once again this was decided with netflix not android becuase they wanted to make money off launching it with certain phones… besides options are out there

    -Once again this is true but it something that the users get stuck with in the end. If somebody releases an app for an iPhone, I never have to worry about it running on my iPhone.

    “-rootng is much more complicated than jailbreaking, and yet far more necessary.” Really ?!? superone click on your atrix was hard? it was one click, letting some one else do it for you on the latest build with in 24 hours than flashing there work is hard ? sorry 0 points here

    -I didnt say that it was overly difficult, just more complicated than it is on iOS. Super One Click doesnt do anything to unlock the bootloader.

    “- elitist bastards who tell me that android is made for” true” nerds and ios is for sheep.” Sounds like maybe you have that condition that they adressed on last season of south park, you get mad because you dont think you quite measure up

    -Yes. That’s definitely it.

  • RJ

    Lets get this straight but first I wanted to say GREAT rant, took the words right out of my mouth but i would have been more BOLD! I hate Apple with a passion! Yes they did start the way & had a great Smartphone but Google & HTC made smartphones so much better & it keeps getting better all the time. Apple sees this & knows they are taking over the smartphone world. I really don’t see how Iphone users stick with the IOS when every year they release a phone & it has 1 maybe 2 new features. They really think that is going to keep their customers happy? Android you can pick the phone that is best for you. Apple is a sad ass excuse for a company, they have to resort to lawsuits to try to keep them in the game but if Google buys InterDigital There is going to be trouble for Apple. I hate every thing Apple stands for! Have you noticed they filed lawsuits against every company that has to do with Android? They filed against Amazon,Samsung,HTC,Google,Motorola & a couple more. I would back you in a knife fight Andrew. Apple SUCKS!

  • Tyler Pawlak

    Yes, Apple is suing HTC… but I don’t think it has the impact that you suspect. Companies sue each other ALL the time. It’s not like this is something new and companies will go down because of this. Here’s a map of who is suing who in the mobile world.

  • David Eskin

    By in large apple crushes any individual android manufacturer, but that’s not the point. We aren’t comparing hardware to hardware, we are comparing the overall user experience, and in that you have to take android as a whole, just as you take apple products as a whole. (which is necessary because without their incredible efficient software, their products would just be seriously underpowered pieces of hardware).

    The difference, and the reason I’m convinced android will win, is because they take the opensource approach. Apples products are largely locked and wont receive any significant upgrades. (the 3GS being upgraded to IOS 4 being an odd exception) google on the other hand ws stil providing updates to the G1 when the OG Droid came out. And as for the droid, which is still my phone, I’ve managed to keep par with the Iphone 4 thanks too rooting and porting custom roms, (like MIUI, which is fantastic by the way). Being able to at no cost continue to upgrade and empower my phone makes it a better deal and a better user experience. And User experience is the only thing that matters.

    Apple has a good user experience, as shown by the many devoted fans, but it would seem to me that that user experience is being eroded by a lack of new features, and the refusal to really open up their technology (by keeping out flash for what are unarguably arbitrary reasons that in no way benefit the customer).

  • Andrew Greenfield

    Normally I don’t care too much about lawsuits. As that slightly dated graphic alludes to, there are way too many going on right now that it would be impossible to keep track of all of them (there are SO many more now that I’m not sure you could make a graphic anymore). However, Apple is no longer suing for royalties on every product, they are trying to prevent HTC and Samsung from selling phones in the US. The HTC lawsuit is a HUGE deal because if Apple wins it, they’ll be able to use this case as a legal precedent in a lot of other cases.

  • j. read

    Apple have almost created a perfect ‘funnel point’ and now its opponents are in a nice little line ready to be sued..

    Its horrid

  • Shane isheep

    Droid has many problems.
    1 Apps not all apps are compatible with all phones and tabs
    Don’t get the wrong phone or you’ll be screwed.
    2. Upgrades if google updates os you may have to buy a new phone to get it. Or be stuck with an outdated phone.
    3. The droid looks just like iphones. Not physically but they act just the same.
    4. I like the idea of droid, just hate the complexity of it. All apps should work on all devices.
    And this was written on a Galaxy Tab

  • baidu123

    All I need to say is, yes! Yes! Yes! Youre so correct. I need to get behind this so much. You speak with so significantly authority, so significantly spirit, I feel as though youve absolutely hit the nail on the head. Excellent job with this. Please keep brining us much more simply because we require much more of your form of blogger.

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  • Dark Penguin

    I appreciate the point some have made that mocking Apple supporters as iSheep doesn’t make our side look good, but still it was a great rant. One thing for sure is that Apple doesn’t the masses getting good smartphone functionality on the cheap, and they’re pulling out all the stops to stop that from happening.

    The way the other side justifies their philosophy sticks in my craw as well. An “insanely great _____” is not very useful to someone who cannot afford it. And the fact that a court decision in their favor can require the defendants to eliminate or water down highly useful functionality in their devices is appalling.

  • Thatkidwiththelancer

    The best part is I’m a frequent user of both IOS and android software and I don’t give a flying fuck about this article I didn’t even look it up stumble upon brought me here. Fuck android apple all day

  • Forgivenescape

    @6c2e5e1f1e601685f9b91021502533ec:disqus You sir are ignorant. People like you are the worst among all iSheep.

  • Rubbish O’mally

    This is the best article I’ve read so far.
    Well done Andy!


  • Dave Gray

    I’m late getting to read this, but thank fuck someone else thinks exactly like me! I’m sick of every product Apple don’t like being blocked from sale! When the hell are the judges going to cotton on to what Apple are doing and tell them to stick their stupid, outdated, shiny, over priced iShit up their arse, lets face it, because they’re so shiny they’ll slide in there easily!

  • Cassandra Okerhjelm

    I am an isheep but I like your rant and I think Apple is being a bunch of dickbags and now I am a little embarrassed about my love for all things apple. How disappointing!

  • Julius

    Rant and wyne all you want, Samsung and google still got their asses handed to them in curt.
    Did I hear 1.05 billion dollars and a cliff drop in market shares???

    • magicbane

      Funny, ’cause Google’s now suing Apple with NON-ESSENTIAL patents. If this actually works out, apple may be the one who loses and get banned from the market.

  • Julius

    “that’s like saying Ford should sue BMW for making something that has four wheels and is powered by a motor. ”

    I have no problem with ford sueing BMW ,IF ford patented the first car model that is.
    Let me explane : if companies can’t copy ideas from one another, that would have to innovate in drastic ways!!!! If ford did block BMW from making the same car with little tweaks to it, BMW would have to think outside the box to beat ford…and so on and so forth. It’s a safe bet to say we all would fly in hovercrafts by now…
    Copying ideas is holding back p