Battle Royal: Words With Friends vs Scrabble vs Wordfeud [Hands on Video]

I am not a big scrabble fan, but I became attracted to the different versions on Android because you can not only play against other opponents, but more importantly, play at your own pace. In other words, you don’t have to be connected from start to finish.

It has been a week since Electronic Arts unleashed Scrabble to the Android world so I figured it is time to do a little comparison. Because it was a hit on iOS, Words With Friends seems to be the favorite among most people, but Wordfeud has been on Android the longest, and has a decent following. Scrabble is only one week old, but it is the official app.

I am sure a lot of people will disagree with my findings, but I have to call it the way I see it. I won’t bow down to the mainstream media.

  • MikeKulls

    Don’t worry, I think anyone who has tried all three will agree with you :-)

  • Cielito David

    I use an iPhone, and the notifications work in all the apps.

    Scrabble is the only one that lets me play with my Mom, Sister, Aunt, etc who use the Facebook browser version. The don’t have smart phones.

    The dictionary feature in Scrabble is indespensible for planning complex moves and strategy. It also show the potential scores I could earn with various moves.

    The other apps could be decent if they would let me play desktop users, have a dictionary feature, and tally scores for moves as you set them up.

    I like that WordFeud lets you play in Spanish. But my friend in Guatemala can’t afford a Smart Phone. Browser based versions needed foe WWF and WordFeud!

  • dongiovanni

    Cielito David

    Word With Friends can be played via a facebook app on the computer. They should try it!!!

  • Brian Minton

    The claim made in the video that they can’t legally use the layout from Scrabble ™, but that’s simply not true. Game rules and game play mechanics are explicitly excluded from copyright.

    In fact, the original Scrabulous was taken down due to the name, but after being renamed to Lexulous, has been put back up.