Sprint Seeks to Abolish the Notion of Bloatware Completely

U.S. manufacturers, in all forms of the market (phones, notebooks, etc.), have long plagued us with bloatware that, put simply, we don’t want. The cell phone market has been the worst. Not only are the apps often buggy and slow, but you can’t even remove them (without root, anyway). The amount of users that actually complain about this has been relatively small, but they speak for the community. Sprint has listened, and responded by scaling back the amount of apps altogether, providing users with the option to remove what’s left if they should choose. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, as is usually the case when manufacturers listen to their users.

This comes as a welcome change in light of the other big three, which have been known to bundle their phones with Bing and even Yahoo!

In an interview with Engadget from last year, Sprint’s VP of Product Development Fared Adib put it simply, “Ben, we’ve got to get rid of these preloaded apps on our devices. A lot of customers don’t want this.” I couldn’t agree more.

[via engadget]

  • http://www.dominikstriplin.com Dominik

    Good because I have NEVER opened the Nascar app.

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    ETA? Will this be for new phones only, or will they roll out an update?