Speedlauncher for Android Brings Speed-Dial Launching for Android Apps

There are a LOT of apps on the Android Market, which was rather frustrating with older model Android phones due to the memory limitation problems they posed. The most recent smartphone entries into the Android space have multiple gigs of space available, which offers a lot more room for games and apps. This, however, leaves us with another problem. Scrolling. Long lists of apps can take a decent amount of time to scroll through, and while you can create organized folders for shortcuts, this does take some time.

If you’re looking for some outside the box (or folder) thinking, XDA member osbapat has come up with an interesting solution in Speedlauncher for Android. All of us are familiar with speed-dial with our contacts and Speedlauncher brings this functionality to our Android applications. Just set a one or two digit code for those apps that you frequently use, and with just a tap or two, your Furious Fowl can be launched. Granted, you’ll have to have some memory of what apps are set to what shortcut, but it’s definitely a unique take on how we manage our applications. If you’re interested in checking it out, click the application link below.

[source: xda, application link: xda forums]

About the Author: Mitch Wright

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  • glen

    How is this any different or better then putting an app(s) on the home screens? This is more work!