Hulu Plus won’t play nicely with rooting

Last month, Hulu Plus launched on Android, but we were disappointed because it was only available on a handful of phones. Shortly after, they added additional devices, which gave us promise. Now we are back to disappointment again as it turns out that if you are rooted, you won’t be able to use the popular streaming service.

This is not surprising because Google movie rentals and Blockbuster are already doing it. For the short-term, some rooted users are able to run the app which might be related to what version of Android you’re running.

[via pocketnow]

  • Hotmann

    I’d rather be rooted than not rooted and able to watch tv on my phone…if/when I get a tablet this may effect my decisions on rooting though.

  • John

    Maybe the devs can come up with “one click un-root”.
    How often do you really need root.
    Root, debloat\flash, un-root, good to go.
    Root once a week or so to backup, un-root.

  • Zev

    Hotmann has it right. I’ll take root over hulu on a 4″ screen anyday.

    Why do app providors care if we’re rooted anyway? isnt that a manufacturer & service provider issue?