RocknBall for Android – 3D Labyrinth game

You’ll come across a good number of labyrinth style games in the Android Market. All of which can be addicting fun, and great time wasters. They all hold our attention with nothing more than some balls and various levels of mazes. Well XDA member and RocknBall developer myp3uk has just offered us a 3D version of this game. Just as all labyrinth style games it uses your phones accelerometer to guide the ball to through the maze, and at the same time avoiding the black hoes, and various obstacles.

One feature that cannot be left out, is that the developer has optimized this game for Honeycomb devices. This makes the game a keeper. Playing this on your ASUS Transformer, or other Android 3.0 tablet has got to be a blast and full of eye candy!

Check out the XDA Thread from developer myp3uk and leave your feedback on the game, and give a big thanks for the work that has been put into RocknBall.

[via xda]

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