Baviux For Android, Retroness Courtesy Of XDA (Video)

Like old and classic arcade games?  Well this one is sure to take you back.  Check out XDA member, pep_dj’s recreation of the game dubbed Baviux, a “water games” look-a-like that is sure to catch your addiction.  Check out the video below of the game in action along with some screen shots for your convenience.  If you have any feedback to offer the developer, by all means.  You can also hit up the game thread here for more info.  And as always, comments are welcome.  YouTube Preview Image

From The Developer:

Play through a lot of worlds and levels and free all the Baviux!

Baviux are small blue creatures that were removed from their planet and taken as slaves. Now, with your help, they can go back to home…

To play you must use the two buttons to create “air flows”, and you can rotate your phone to change gravity!!

The gameplay reminds the 80’s “water games”, like the iPhone game “iWater Flow”.

– 5 worlds and 50 levels. And more coming soon!
– Use the accelerometer!
– Multitouch support
– Excellent Physics
– Cute graphics!
– Low graphics option for old devices
– Easy to learn
– Fun and addictive
– “Move to SD” option available
– Global high scores! (powered by Scoreloop)

Coming soon:
– New creatures
– New levels
– And more!

[via xda]