XDA Member Provides Guide On How To Partition Your SD Card

A large majority of the Android community is well familiar with “Rooting and ROMing” along with some other familiar terms like “partitioning” in regards to your sd card.  However, not many of them truly know how to do it.  XDA member Dredz has kept folks like them in mind and created a guide which shows you how to do it.  The most popular reason one would partition their sd card is to allow Apps2SD scripts to run, subsequently freeing up space and memory.  The guide is extremely user friendly and easy to read.  If you’re interested in venturing into this new world, you can head on over to the guide’s thread and get started.  Feel free to provide any and as much feedback as you can for the developer, as to improve the guide for newbies.  And also feel free to leave a comment or two below.

The main reason people partition is to take advantage of Apps2SD script. This allows for more internal memory and, depending on which version, control over various system settings

[via xda]