Contest: We have another 20 beta keys to hand out for Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles

If you missed our earlier contest in which we gave out 20 beta keys for Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles, you’re in luck, because we have 20 more to hand out.

Again, this is for users who are NOT on Verizon Wireless because these beta keys are the only way you can play.

The rules are the same except for #5:

  1. Leave a post in this forum thread telling us why you want a beta key
  2. Additional posts from the same user will be ignored.
  3. The contest ends 11:59pm eastern on July 14, 2011.
  4. Winners will be picked at random and contacted via private message.
  5. Any entries in the previous giveaway will not count, you must be entered in the new thread.

**Entries will only be accepted in our Forum thread above. Comments to this actual post will not be included.

Good Luck.

  • Marlon M

    Well cause im first to comment i deserve one lol, also i loved pocket legends so if this game has half of what that one did it will be amazing

  • snake

    Well I never win anything. And this game looks awesome. Looking forward to the finished version as well thanks

  • Stizzle

    Always have been a silent reader on talkandroid and will continue to be. Game looks decent and something to do when I’m utterly bored during this summer. Always been an addict for mmorpgs @_@.

  • mj

    first off I would like to say my birth day on the 20th! Whoop whoop! Lol iv been lucky all this month since the 1st when I got my GOOGLE+ Invite (Amazing btw)
    than on the 5th I hit 1200 dollars off a penny machine! Than yesterday I found a brand new NCAA 12 on the side walk! This month has been really good to me and if I get a beta key this would beone of the best things that happen to me this month better than the 1200 bucks lol (all went to rent -_-) but yeah that’s why I deserve a beta key! Btw ill be happy to send out G+ invites.

  • Tbird

    I loved pocket legends and believe I will love Star Legends even more. I think I deserve it to have something fun to do. I broke my wrist a couple days ago and had surgery on it today. Im in a lot of pain and was hoping I could play Star Legends to take my mind off it. If I could be lucky enough to win a key, it would make my day.

  • Quirijn

    gimme! :D

  • Ventjh

    I would love to give it a shot and see how it is compared to PL. I will for sure play this when it comes out but if this game needs testing I’d be more than happy to test it. Looking forward to hopefully getting a key! Thanks!


  • ManBearZombie

    I just gotta play it!!!

  • KillaIngs

    I have been playing Pocket Legends forever and it seems all my friends have Verizon *sniffle* *sniffle* I have been left to play with the noobs. Please let me win a key so i can reunite with my friends :)

  • JulsAngel

    Hi, im a bjg fan of PL and i would love to play star legemds…. Looks amazing! Cant wait

  • Zach

    I would like the chance to start playing.

  • Ryan

    I have been watching out for this game over a year now I really want to play it.