Let This Tasker Profile Help Plan Your Routes to Future Meetings

By letting the address field in Android’s calendar be linked to Google Maps and Navigation, it’s easier than ever before to find your way to your meetings and appointments. However, what if your phone could give you an optimal route automatically to your upcoming meetings right before you’re about to leave? Well, now with an advanced Tasker script, you can.

User brandall over on the XDA-Developer forums has created a detailed tutorial that will automatically use Google Maps to calculate the best route to your next meeting as well as the time involved, and will give you the information five minutes before you have to leave. To do this, you’ll need Tasker, a Google Calendar account and the Minimalistic Text widget. The thread also has ZIP files that include the scripts as well, should you wish to import them. This looks like a very nifty tool if you use Tasker to automate functions on your phone and while I don’t see myself using it, I could see where this would be very handy indeed.

[via XDA-Developers]

  • JPB

    I suggest pointing Lifehacker at this post. This is perfect for them.

    “What do you mean your iPhone can’t do this? I thought you told me you had a smartphone?”

  • Brian Rubin

    @JPB Hahahahahah

  • Gregory Opera

    Tasker is a brilliant application and INCREDIBLY powerful, here’s almost nothing the application can’t do. Unfortunately, Tasker is extremely difficult to use, even for someone relatively technical like myself.