Official Scrabble game is now available in the Android Market

The Official Scrabble game became available yesterday, but how does it measure up against Wordfeud? Notice how I did not mention Words With Friends? In my opinion, of all the scrabble games, Wordfeud sets the standard.

Scrabble was developed by Electronic Arts, which is a major developer, so it should be pretty good. The layout is nice, and there are some additional touches that are nice. I like the fact that it tells you your potential points for the word before you play it, and the “Teacher” command shows you what you could have played. Just like the scrabble games, you can play against other Android and iOS opponents.

As with many apps upon release, there are definitely some bugs that need to be worked out. At first, notifications seemed to work fine, but later last night, they stopped working so well. It also seems to have an issue updating from the server. I find a work around is to go into a previous game and then go back to the main menu. These things will probably get worked out soon, but even with these bugs, it is already better than Words With Friends.

I will spend a little more time with it and then I will post a full comparison between Scrabble and Wordfeud. I will probably throw in Words With Friends, but honestly, it doesn’t have a chance. For now, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

Hit the source link for the Android Market download or hit our apps database for the QR code.

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  • Richard

    I’ve had Words With Friends on my phone for about 3 months now and of course there are loads of bugs and issues.

    That said, like many things in the world of technology, whether the official Scrabble app is better or worse is secondary to WWF’s user base.

    I’ve never heard of anyone on Twitter (for instance) challenging anyone to a game of WordFeud but at least oince a day I see folk making open invitions to join them on WWF. I currently have something like a dozen games on the go; I think that of those, the servers have “forgotten” two exist.

    Apathy is a strong motivating factor and while I will immediately install the official app, I wonder how long it’ll take me to find a non-random opponent?

  • Shannon

    I agree with Richard – if I want to find a friend to play with, it will be on Words with Friends. The game has gotten smoother with each update, and I look forward to a paid version to skip all the ads – that is where the most problems come for me.

  • Adam E

    And don’t forget Wordsmith! It also offers a preview of your score, has always had a shuffle option (via button or shake of the phone) and also offers chat. The 3 strikes and you’re out burns me a lot, but I’ll learn.

  • John

    It’s not available in Germany – damn you, EA!

  • Richard

    P.S. to my comment above (which I left before going to the Market). The EA official ap is not currently available in the UK either