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48 Android-related lawsuits and counting, Apple files second patent-infringement complaint against HTC

Yesterday, I reported about Apple’s complaint with GetJar, and it turned it into a rant about how ridiculous these lawsuits are. This time I promise to just report the news and not rant about it, but if you missed it, you can read it here.

Today is another day and it means another complaint or lawsuit. Apple may not be winning in market share, but they are no doubt winning in the complaint filings. They have just filed a second patent-infringement complaint against HTC at the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). Their goal is to block imports of “personal electronic devices” by HTC.

If anyone is keeping tabs, this appears to be the 48th Android-related lawsuit. This complaint involves 5 patents, three of which are being used against Samsung. Apple first went after HTC back in March 2010, which involved 10 patents. That case is still going on, and it appears that Apple feels its chances are not so good. Back in April, the ITC staff expressed its opinion that HTC did not infringe upon any valid Apple patents. The final determination is scheduled for August 5th, which will most likely be the same result.

In addition to the the ITC complaints, Apple filed two lawsuits against HTC last year in Delaware. The first is stayed because it mirrors the allegations of the first ITC complaint. The second one is progressing slowly.

HTC has been considered the most vulnerable Android manufacturer since they own the fewest patents. This is most likely the reason they agreed to buy S3 Graphics. It seems as though Apple infringed upon two S3 patents. I don’t have to tell you where this is headed. It amazes me that it has gotten this far in that companies now have to spend time and money buying other companies to fight off lawsuits.

I feel like continuing yesterday’s rant, but I will hold off as I am expecting there will be more opportunities. Will the 49th lawsuit come later today, tomorrow, or has it already happened?

[via fosspatents blog]