Droid Incredible 2 Gingerbread update is nearing

The HTC Droid Incredible 2 should be getting the Gingerbread update soon. This will bring it to Android 2.3, and it will include support for Verizon’s new wireless charging. You will, of course, need to buy a new battery cover to utilize this.

Complete list of improvements to build 2.18.605.4 are:

  • Overall improvements to the performance of Mobile IM.
  • Resolved Hotmail sync & connect issues when setting up a one day sync.
  • Improvements to device connectivity when roaming on global GSM/UMTS networks.
  • New download manager app
  • New app and power management details
  • Improved word selection and copy functionality
  • Alarm notifications turned off while in emergency mode
  • Improved device stability
  • NY Times added to browser bookmarks
  • Wireless Charging UI added
  • New desktop dock app

We do not know when Verizon is planning on pushing it out, but we will let you know as soon as we hear.

[via androidcentral]

  • abraham

    this just goes to show that even HTC agrees that the Thundercrap was horrible! the incredible was released after the tbolt and its already getting gingerbread. THIS IS CRAP HTC!!!! never again will i get an HTC phone! Cant wait til Droid Bionic comes out!

    • http://talkandroid.com Robert Nazarian

      There are issues all over. The Gingerbread update came to the Droid X, but it is very buggy. I am not knocking Motorola, but the bottom line is that they are all good manufacturers, but nobody is perfect.

  • joel

    4G technology is still in it’s beta stages…nobody told you to buy a Thunderbolt ! I’m loving my Incredible 2 with nooooo issues whatsoever. Here’s a coke and a smile and stfu.