Google Maps 5.7 brings Transit Navigation (beta) and better search results [Video]

Google Maps has been updated to version 5.7 and one of the big highlights is Transit Navigation (Beta). The update also includes updated access to directions, better suggested search results, and a photo viewer for Place pages.

Transit Navigation give you public transit directions in 400+ cities around the world. It works within turn by turn directions so it will alert you when you need to get off or make a transfer. You can even open up other applications and it will still alert you as your stop approaches. This will obviously work better with above ground transit. Check out the video after break:

Google also improved their direction services. When you select the driving or walking icon, the navigation icon will automatically appear so you can access your step-by-step directions with one click. Also when on a Place page, when you click on directions, you will be taken straight to the map and get the below directions box.

Search suggestions improves with icons. Before, all search suggestions were the same icon, but now each listing will have an icon that reflects the type of result. Icons are a pin for Google Places, a star for a starred place or location, a clock for a previously used search term, a person for contacts, and a magnifying glass for “anything else.”

Finally, a photo viewer for Place pages has been added. Google recently released business photos for Place pages and millions of photos have been added to the Place pages. Now this new photo viewer makes it easy for you to browse photos.

[via google blog]

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