Official Pokemon Game Coming to Android and iOS

That’s right, the Pokemon Team has announced a free game for Android and iOS called (or roughly translated) Pokemon Say Tap. Yes, it’s not a shoddy third party attempt at dodging copyright law, but the actual Pokemon Team working on an app for Android and iOS. This move comes as a surprise for two reasons. First, mobile gaming platforms (iOS, Android, WP7, etc) are starting to be called direct competitors with mobile gaming platforms (Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, etc). The second reason for this surprise is Nintendo’s own Satoru Iwata’s formal stance against free games. He has openly stated he does not like the idea of free games that you pay for in game. Whether or not he had a change of heart (we’re thinking not), this game is slated for summer in Japan. Here’s to hoping it makes its way overseas and to other places around the world.

[via 1up]

  • Marjel

    I expect not more than a list of Pokemon with information about it. And guess what, the information comes by tapping on the Pokemon.

  • Johnsie Lesky

    If only more people could put out information similar to this. Very beneficial.

  • grizzman

    OMG !!! Marjel are you for real??? a list of pokemon ? thats amazing id love to have an app where it shows pokemon, its waaay better then just looking on google, plus, you see information by tapping on them??? !!! omg thats awsome, ahah just saying, thats all sarcasm aha, yeah thats all i expect too, some shitty not-an-actual-game app lol
    isnt no way nintendo will release a pokemon game for android, if they do itll be expensive, theres no way someone who refuses to handout free games, will decide to take 50-60 dollar games and make one absulutley free, so if they do have a good game, expect to see a price and itll most likley be high

  • Adrian Ross

    When is it coming out???

  • Burnscory34

    I want a pokemon game we can play on our phones like for gameboy an the ds that would be super great id play It all the time

  • Teronne

    Yippy pokemon

  • Daday5

    I wish the internet would tell me what its called

  • Daday5

    I wanna fuck a blueberry!