One-Click Unbrick for Samsung Captivate – let the flashing commence!


If you’re the owner of a Samsung Captivate (SGH-i896, SGH-i897), and you love to flash, but fear the brick, fear not my comrades. AdamOutler, XDA Recognized Developer, has created a One-Click Unbricking tool for the Captivate that will save you from going through the painful task of unbricking your device after trying to flash without a JIG handy, thus giving you a bad taste in your mouth for further flashes.

This app is part of his Heimdall project, used for flashing Captivates, and will work on several OS’s. Here’s some of the features;

  • Will work on all Samsung devices which use Odin
  • Is a single, portable executable
  • Is the first one-click anything for our devices on Linux
  • Works on Mac
  • Works on Windows
  • Is open source
  • Is programmed in JavaDeploys and installs Heimdall for your OS
  • Is super easy to use…. Only one button!

So flash away Samsung Captivate owners, if you wish. Just always be sure to run a nandroid backup, Tibackup, and make sure you have this tool downloaded in case you need. If you have any issues or see any bugs, please report them to the developer here.

[via xda developers]

About the Author: Jesse Bauer

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Jesse works in IT professionally. Jesse enjoys keeping up with all things Android and Google related, whoopin butt online in ModNation Racers, keeping up to date on the latest metal music, playing/recording original music, and reading Star Wars novels. Ahead of all those things, Jesse holds his family at the top of the list, who all somehow manage to support him with his endless list of things he wants to accomplish.

  • Kawika

    is it in the market? link?

  • Kawika

    found it! sneaky sneaky

  • Marty

    Just bricked my wife’s phone. Where can I download this tool?

  • Philip

    Don’t know why people post stuff without a friggen download link so here it is… sigh. I hate dumb people.

  • Sainte

    This fixed my brick without a problem :D

    Had a bad flash and was stuck with the screen of the phone – exclamation point – pc and couldn’t get into the download screen with any of the combination of buttons. Fixed!