The other Android tablet comparison

Everybody loves an underdog story, don’t they? Slumdog Millionaire, Gandhi, Rocky, those special kids on American Idol – we are suckers for them all. Giant killings are also a personal favourite of mine. I once killed three giants in one go, with my good hand tied behind my back, because one of them stole my tea and scones.

Of course, I’m making that last bit up. I didn’t really have my hand tied behind my back at all.

However, with the hype of the ‘license to print money’ iPad still somewhat rife, I am pleased to introduce some absolute rank outside contenders into the Android tablet fray. Here at Talk Android, we often harp on about the big boys and it’s very easy to forget about some of the ‘other’ players out there.

Now, let’s be very clear for this – a few of these comparisons are somewhat controversial, and rightly so. From the downright obvious iPad rip-off, to the surprisingly elegant and sexy, I have picked out four of my favourite revelations of recent weeks. Probably not new to all of you, but some interesting mentions nonetheless.

Huawei S7

This device should be familiar to anyone who kept up to speed with goings on at Computex recently. The most impressive and most expensive of my roundup, the S7 boasts Android OS 2.1 and a sim card slot too, but misses out on some decent storage to start with. A great looking device that I think will be quite popular over the coming months, with users who want a decent quality product with some background. Available at Expansys for £299.

‘Generic’ brand @ DealExtreme

Credit where it’s due – this device is extremely cheap for the cost. At a paltry £89 at current exchange rates from DealExtreme, this ‘Generic’ device (most likely of Chinese origin) really does pack a lot of punch for the money. However, with an unknown processor speed (at the time of writing), a camera from ten years ago and Android OS 1.5, it could be a risk. But don’t forget as well that you may be subject to import duty on this item too and exchange rates will fluctuate.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet

A little on the small side, I actually think this Archos tablet is quite attractive. A decent processor and RAM, coupled with 8GB of storage, makes this a viable alternative to some others. The screen is only 4.8 inches, but still dishes out an 800 x 480 resolution running on Android OS 1.6. At £187 for the 8GB version from Pcbuyit, it’s not cheap, but definitely portable and versatile.

Eken M003

Here’s the joker of the pack. Look a little familiar to you? Yeah, I thought so. They may as well call this ‘the fake iPad’, because the resemblance is a little too uncanny for its own good. That 8 inch screen is impressive with an 800 x 600 resolution and only £100? Where’s the catch? It’s at DealExtreme, so you’d be potentially subject to import duty (though I am informed that DX often label goods as ‘gift’ to avoid such charges). Oh, and nobody can confirm what the 533MHz processor is, other than probably a bit sluggish. Risky, but potentially fantastic value.

Check out the comaprison table below to see some of the key specifications of the above devices, and in some cases to not see some of the specifications (thank you strange Asian manufacturers!). Click for a larger image.

So the cards are on the table. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below – all are very much welcome!

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