Skype video chat unofficially comes to Galaxy S II, Sensation, Thunderbolt, and others

Yesterday we reported that the latest Skype update brought video calling, but only to four handsets. Thankfully, the Android community did some tweaking, and it quickly doubled. So far, there are reports of it working on the Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation, HTC Thunderbolt, and the HTC EVO 4G. It is possible it will work on more phones so if you have Android 2.3, give it a shot, and let us know in the comments.

There are a couple of apk’s: A Thunderbolt specific and a general one. The good news is no root is required. Here are the links:

Thunderbolt_GB_Skype.apk [mirror]

Skype_2_0_0_45-signed.apk [mirror]

[via droid-life and techpetals by engadget]

  • TomSawyerX

    Thanks, I installed Skype in my HTC EVO is working great so far. Video call works fine. When you are in a video call, you can move your window screen anywhere you want. Thats a cool feature.

  • mary

    OmG!!! It works on my mytouch 4g. Thnk u guys :-))

  • Paul Hayes

    Such a shame. Failed to install on my Galaxy S II. Though no error just reported “Application not installed” when installing from the apk. Any ideas?

  • Paul Hayes

    Problem solved. Had to force uninstall skype, and uninstall, before this apk would install. Hope this helps someone

  • Lucky

    Its not working on GT9000 Galaxy S :(

  • mary

    @ lucky r u using 2.3? Cos it ddn work wen I had 2.2 n also uninstall skype before u install skype apk. Hope this helps.

  • Galaxy S II

    Skype_2_0_0_45-signed.apk works perfect on Galaxy S II.
    Just sign out and remove your old skype versjon first.

  • Jordan

    Worked on the S some what. its a little glitchy and it only works if you be android 2.3 and above on it. I have 2.3.2 on my S

  • Leo Davinci

    I Have this app running on my Htc Evo OG, & Verizion Galaxy Tab running Sprint 2.3.3 GB Rom, It works better than the other video clients!

  • victor

    yes, it works! i ust uninstaled the official skype from android store (version and instaled this packed as thunderbolg_gb_skype…it instaled a skype and i did some video calls perfectly