New App Makes International Android to Android Calls Free!

Sweden-based Rebtel has announced a hot new app that should excite Android users who call overseas — especially if the recipient of their call also has an Android phone.  This new app runs in the background and intercepts calls intended for long distance recipients.  The calls are then converted to a local number and routed via Rebtel’s VOIP network.  This results in lower rates all-round, but if the receiver of the call also has an Android phone, the call is free, other than using minutes off your standard minute plan.

Unlike Skype, which works only via wifi, Rebtel’s service works over standard 3G data connections.  Also unlike Skype, it is compatible with Android phones on all carriers, instead of being limited to a Verizon exclusive.

One more arrow in the quiver of Android killer apps, the Rebtel app is available now from the Android market. Once you download it, rate the app and leave your comments HERE.

[via PCWorld]

  • rhett

    You might want to change swype to Skype

  • Benjamin

    Swype? Don’t you mean skype?

  • Michael Murphy

    Yeah, Skype…oops. My bad – fixed.

  • zachm

    Speaking of Skype, an app from fring will work with multiple instant messengers including Skype with video over 3g or wifi. Works great on the EVO with the forward facing camera

  • DarkFox

    Meh, Sipdroid makes it cheaper.. Not as easy, but a lot cheaper..

  • GN

    I use nimbuzz for Skype calls…works great (and free)!

  • eonicman

    cool!!! that’s like FaceTime, Skype, Tango or Talkatone!  Great news.