Evo 3D Already Rooted

One thing’s for sure about the Android dev community: They move fast. Less than two weeks after the device’s launch, root access has been achieved for the Evo 3D — both the stock version, and the updated kernel that was released OTA right after launch. Android dev agrabren announced via Twitter just hours ago that he has managed to root not one, but two different Evo 3D devices, one which was updated and one which wasn’t. He doesn’t yet have a method of distributing this hack to the general public, but he has successfully gained access. We’ll keep you posted on progress of general distribution in the upcoming days.

[via twitter, by way of phandroid forums]

  • http://www.facebook.com/bdotwest Bryan West

    Officially less than one week..

  • http://rootandroid.net Root Android

    Yay! Waiting for it to be public.