Facial recognition security comes to Android thanks to Visidon Applock

The more and more we use our smartphones, the more important it becomes that we lock our phones, but we need a quick way to do it. Entering a password or swipe pattern is not efficient. Motorola recently implemented a  fingerprint reader with the Atrix, but I have not used it to comment on if it works well. They don’t appear to be implementing it on other devices, but I like the concept.

Another concept is facial recognition. An app called Visidon Applock lets you protect user-selected apps from opening unless it recognizes your face. If for some reason it does not work there is a password that you can enter to bypass it. The one limitation is that you need a front-facing camera to snap your picture. In theory this seems excellent, but for now there seems to be some bugs as some people have been able to bypass it.

This is an app worth keeping an eye on though because it will get refined. As it gets refined I would like to see the option to be able to not just limit it to apps, but have a choice to lock your entire phone. This way everything is locked. I can see why this not be an option for now, since some bugs need to be worked out.

I also like this concept for not just privacy from the people around you, but for losing your phone. Yes, you can install apps that let you wipe your phone, but this makes more sense. If nobody can get in your phone that is the best way. You may not even realize instantly that you lost your phone, not to mention you may not even remember the command you have to text to your phone to lock or wipe it.

Check out the video and hit the QR code below or source link for the Android Market

[via android market]

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

Robert lives in upstate New York where he was born and raised. Technology was always his passion. His first computer was a Radio Shack TRS80 Color that used a cassette tape to save programs, and his first laptop was a Toshiba T1200FB that sported a CGA greyscale screen and two 720kb floppy drives (no hardrive). From the early 90’s through late 2011, he only owned Motorola phones starting with the MircroTAC all the way through to the Droid X. He broke that streak when he bought the Galaxy Nexus. Now he's sporting a Galaxy Note 4, and absolutely loves it. He has a wonderful wife and a 6 year old son. In his free time he enjoys sports, movies, TV, working out, and trying to keep up with the rapid fast world of technology.

  • http://Whataboutrecognizingphotos? Francisco

    How will it behave if you show the phone a picture of the owner?

  • Riddlin

    Not in the Market for Droid Charge :(

  • Robert

    The link does not go to the market. North dies the company name exust in market.

  • never that!

    This is bogus! This is just the beginning of our (your) privacy and freedom being revoked. What database is your picture being stored in. Also who has access to it. Think about it people this is not ok.

  • Sendress

    qr doesn’t work for Atrix :(

  • James

    Robert, it “exists” in the market, but apparently not for your phone.

    Never That, if you own a phone it is too late. Oh and the pic is stored locally. FUD is not your best weapon.