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Facebook For Android Now Allows Access To Pages And Video Uploads!

Looks like Zuckerberg and the boys are still trying to keep your mobile Facebook experience up to date and effective.  Up until now, if you wanted to upload videos via mobile you had to use apps like Socialcam and Babbler.  But thanks to the new update, you can now upload those videos directly from the Facebook for Android application.  We know what you’re thinking, “it’s about time!”  We feel ya.  In addition, the social networking icon has given us access to Pages and now offers improvements to the news feed.  We assume that means bug fixes and the like.  It’s nice to see the app headed in the right direction and thanks to the video uploads, I now can eliminate two other applications on my device that were required for me to get my videos online via mobile.  If you don’t already have the application, you can download it here on our apps database or head on over to the Android Market as well.  Don’t forget to let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

[via intomobile]

  • Adam Johnson

    Can you tag photos in the fb app? Haven’t used it in a while.

    I use Friendcaster Pro, and there’s an option to upload videos, but so far i’ve not got it to work. Tagging an ‘Pages’ has been a part of Friendcaster for a long while used to be called Flow for Facebook, till @Handmark bought it, makers of Tweetcaster, also awesome! :)

    • Joe Sirianni

      Photos yes, but not videoes.

  • Jonny Kansas

    I just don’t get how a company like Facebook lets itself constantly be constantly out-done by one-men dev teams. Blood allowed photo tagging and video uploads over a year ago and introduced decent chat support before the dev gave up, and friendcaster pro stepped up quite well to take its place.

    Facebook is moving in the right direction with the official app, but it’s still a joke that independent guys making a couple bucks per download provide way better features and support than a billion-dollar company.

    Just my two cents, and I still use the official app for day-to-day Facebooking.

  • Ade

    the FB app is still a long way behind where it should be.

    it misses so much compared to other apps and the touch.facebook site.

    i used friendcaster and it is good but the lack chat and various other things makes it no better/worse than the facebook app.

    to me theres still no app that does it all.

  • AndCast

    I think Facebook for Android is a mess.
    Fallback to the web interface. It works. The Facebook app isn’t even fully compatible with the new facebook messaging system. It won’t show up those messages in some cases.
    I need to use the web interface to make sure I can read every message and besides that, I can even do more things on the web than with this app. *sigh*