Google Ice Cream Sandwich device made by Samsung – called ‘Nexus Prime’?


Over at BGR, sources have told them some hardware specs which will be included into the next Google flagship device which should be running Ice Cream Sandwich, the next major Android OS. The device should come without any physical menu keys and will have a 720p resolution display using Super AMOLED HD technology, which we know to be Samsung manufacturing. Also confirmed is the processor, which will be the OMAP4460 1.5GHz dual-core seen also in the ARCHOS G9.

The Samsung device running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) will be void of any specially designed UI’s or OEM/carrier overlays on the OS, which has been the trend thus far for Google’s Nexus devices. The Device is confirmed from BGR’s sources codenamed “Prime”, which lends itself to be called the Google ‘Nexus Prime’. This device, along with others later this year will be the beginnings of an onslaught of Android devices hitting several carriers and many OEM’s pushing the Android 4.0 OS onto many devices for timely launches around the same time.

Obvious Android OEM’s would include LG, Motorola, HTC and Samsung, and should be a blanket across many carriers such as T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon among others. This will be an interesting year for Android spanning Operating systems from Android 2.1 – Android 4.0.

[via bgr]

About the Author: Jesse Bauer

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  • Tony Hedges

    The phone pictured looks like an HTC to me, though it could be a Samsung.

  • eskamo

    I can give up the idea of having kal-el for a 720 SUPER AMOLED HD Display.please let this be a true rumor

  • compulsionstar

    Is “without any physical keys” really a good thing?
    I like having buttons on my phone. Until touch screens have some sort of tactile feedback built in them, i want buttons as well. if any thing i think they should give us more ability to map our menu buttons for things like games. I find it ridiculous that I can’t play Tetris with the four buttons I have, but instead have to rely on a slow and awkward touchscreen for such simple game.

  • rainai

    Wow! Mind-blowing specs! And 720p Super AMOLED?! I’d want this device even just for that screen. This is the true successor to my Nexus One. But, damn! I just bought the SGS II and won’t be upgrading again anytime soon… Sigh…

  • Paul

    Hardware keys rule (not the stupid capacitive type). Removing them is a step BACKWARDS for economics merely for a fashion fad.

  • Armando

    Why are ppl complaining about buttons??? NO Nexus ever had them?!?! It is supposed to be sleek and light(as far as bloatware). Want buttons or other stuff, dont get a Nexus. I think this is going to be a great phone and i will order the min it is released.