Light Up Your Home Screen With 3D FireFlies Live Wallpaper

Want to spiff up that home screen with vibrant colors and cool animations?  Who doesn’t?  We’ve got what you’re looking for.  Check out 3D FireFlies Live Wallpaper for Android and wow your friends with this colorful display and array of patterns.

FireFlies Live Wallpaper that uses the movement of fireflies to create a stunning, colorful composition. More stunning than Solar Winds. More colorful than Flurry. This is a must have live wallpaper.

Ready for the download?  Head on over to our popular apps database or feel free to download the application from the Android Market.  And don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.  Hit the break for more screen shots and to check out more info from the developer.  

From The Developer:

♥ Thousands of colors. More colorful than Flurry

♥ Smooth movement effect. More stunning than Solar Winds

♥ Well implemented by OpenGL

♥ Tail’s length, width and opacity can be customized(Full version only)

♥ Totally Free

  • Michael Fikaris

    You would not believe your eyes
    Live Wallpaper fireflies
    Download it and get it
    On your screen

  • Tyler

    Had this one for awhile, one of my favorites!