Cheat On Multi-Touch Games With Your Motorola Atrix Using This 5 Point Touch Tweak

Have a Motorola Atrix?  Like to rock Fruit Ninja and other multi-touch games in your spare time?  Got something for ya here.  With this new fix from XDA, member michael0619 has provided a way for you to have up to five points of contact recognized on the Atrix making games like Fruit Ninja and others much much easier to play.  Slash away through the levels without missing a single piece of fruit now!  Hit the break to find out how to install this by clicking on the link for the thread.  Feel free to leave any comments below and to also provide the developer with any feedback for improvement.  Good luck!  

From The Developer:

More than 5 points is not perfect,but it can be identified.
use cwm recovery update .zip file
you can also modify the code in the file by youself

Application Thread

[via xda]