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Brightness Motion, Control your screens brightness with a flick of your wrist

Those XDA developers are at it again! This time with a simple yet very interesting way to change the brightness of your Android devices screen. I think XDA said it best – we tend to take utmost care of our devices so that they don’t get hit, scratched, or damaged and yet we install and create apps that work by flicking or slinging them. – And thats exactly what this new app from Marinelli.Tv has created for us. The instructions are simple once you configure your setting accordingly:

  1. Move your device to the right and raise your brightness.
  2. Move your device to the left to decrease your brightness.

Settings include, Motion sensibility, Interval detection, Brightness steps. There’s also a Pro version in the Android market that will unlock setting such as, Start on boot, ability to turn haptic on and off and more.

I installed the free version of application, and can say I do like it. And I can see where it can be very useful when needing to change the brightness depending on what you are doing on your device at the time. So why not head on over to to the XDA app thread and read more. You can even download the .apk in the thread if you like. Be sure to leave feedback on the app after trying it. As these developers love the input.

[via xda]