Kogan Unveil ‘Agora’ – The Second Google Phone

Australian based Kogan Technologies are set to launch the world’s second handset powered by the Google Android operating system.

The new ‘Agora’ handset will be available in Standard and Pro models, priced at $225 and $295 respectively.

Both Agora models will feature a backlit QWERTY-style keyboard, 2.5″ touchscreen display, MicroSD slot, and 3G connectivity. In addition to these features the Pro model will also include a 2MP camera, smart GPS and Wi-Fi.

In addition, both handsets will also include Bluetooth connectivity and in-built microphone with speakers.

The Agora and Agora Pro are both available for pre-order with a release date set for January 29, 2009.

[via Kogan Technologies + PCWorld.com]

  • johnkzin

    Hm. Looks good.

    What’s the resolution on the screen?

    Is that a dpad or a trackball?

  • http://blogs.zdnet.com/Burnette Ed Burnette

    I’m not sure this is real. All the product shots have been photoshopped to paste in screens from the emulator. You can tell by looking at the time and the clock, and by the applications that are loaded. Why would they use emulator shots instead of captures from the real device?

  • Jiraiya

    neat design, but i would prefer a larger screen :)