Motorola Atrix Gingerbread update could be 2.3.4?

There has been a few stories surrounding the Motorola Atrix Gingerbread update. First, a leaked version surfaced, then we found out that it will come with an unlockable bootloader. Now more images have leaked that suggest it will be version 2.3.4 which supports Google Talk Video Chat.

This is something I mentioned in my first article because it does not make sense to install Gingerbread 2.3.3 on a phone with a front facing camera. For now this is completely a rumor as we do not know for sure if the images are indeed legit. The image does show version 2.3.4 and there are more images below that show Google Talk’s video chat availability. You will also notice the status bar is blue which is also different.

The bottom line is that if these images are legit, it still doesn’t mean that the final update will actually be 2.3.4. I could still end up 2.3.3 with a another update a few months later.

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[via androidandme]

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Hacchin

    aw man so excited

  • Rhodes F

    Ok, nice job but what about the Atrix users in Europe (the UK specifically), when do we expect the update considering Motorola promised a ‘simultaneous’ US and European update pushout???

    Im on T-Mobile but they haven’t even acknowledged the Gingerbread availability.