Sensation 4G Having Over-Temperature Issues?

Anyone experiencing over temp issues on their T-Mobile Sensation 4G lately?  We’ve had the device for less than 24 hrs and I have yet to see the battery temp under 105º  In fact, while plugged in, I’ve hit 113º so far.  Now, it’s no surprise to see an HTC device getting slightly overheated, especially while plugged in and in heavy use, but 113º?  Something doesn’t seem safe to me about placing the device anywhere near my brain.  Call me crazy I guess.  Subsequently, Im watching battery life drop off at a rapid rate.  In addition,  unplugged and in slightly heavy use, I’m now seeing an avg of 107º.  I’ve reached out to HTC and this is what they had to say, in essence.  A rep requested I go in to a local T-Mobile retail outlet and swap out the battery to see if there is a difference.  He/we acknowledged that HTC devices tend to become slightly hot at times but agreed that 113º seemed overboard.  A ticket has been created for the issue and once I hear back from them and if there is any new info, we’ll be sure to share it with you.  Meanwhile, if you’re having the issue as well, feel free to sound off in the comments below with how hot your device has gotten.  

If you want to get a hold of HTC and you’re in the US, here’s there info.

HTC America, Inc.

13920 SE Eastgate Way
Suite 400
Bellevue, WA 98005
Tel: +1 4258619174
Fax: +1 4258611715

About the Author: Joe Sirianni

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  • Bjorn Seigers

    I have the Sensation since June 8th and I haven’t experienced any over temperature issues.
    It has never been hot or something like that.

  • JaymZZZ

    Just curious, what widget is that in the picture?

  • Jeff

    Nope, a balmy 83.4 on my phone right now.

  • kim

    Oh geez and i thought G2x only had this issue..all these new smartphones all have the same problems…processor i am waiting for Gingerbread update on my G2x while Sensation already has the same temp issue ..just great…uugghhh!!!

    • Joe Sirianni

      Interesting Kim, I’m not having any temp issues on my G2X. I’m at a steady 89–90 degrees.

  • Scotty Brown


    What widget is that?

    Thanks :)


    • Joe Sirianni

      Hey Scotty, The widget can be found on the Market “BatteryLife” by CurveFish

  • kim

    @Joe…temp issue on my G2x is so bad im afraid it will burn my ear..walked into a Tmobile store ..was told it was a processor wait for the update.. im waiting..if nothing happens im getting rid of the phone no matter how much i love the phone

  • Sam

    Hi all,

    I am from Singapore. Just got my htc sensation yesterday, and have got temperature issue. Highest I got is 42celcius while surfing Internet, and I actually stopped using because it is getting very uncomfortable on my hands.. My service provider, Starhub, refuse to exchange a new one for me. Will approach htc tomorrow..

  • hot hands

    Hey all,

    Yes i’m getting temp issues too. Just returned mine for a replacement. Still getting temp issues. It’s charging right now and doing nothing else besides the occasional text and I’m at 43 degrees celcius…after charge will check what the battery temp recommendation is.

  • Jen

    I currently have the G2x, Love this phone, but cannot keep it due to over heating & losing connectivity constantly. Getting the Sensation Wednesday, Ill report back. My 3G slide used to get very warm with heavy use. Got a 3500 Mah battery from Mugen & it did NOT heat up like the stock battery – maybe what HTC said is accurate on battery replacement.

  • Dany

    Got the Sensation in Hk 28th June after months of patiently waiting for the fastest phone around. Too hot to handle. It’s hot on the back and the screen as well.

    The Desire was a bit hot but this is scalding. Will get that BatteryLife soon but I’m guessing bout 42-43 degrees celcius for my Sensation, good enough to keep my morning brew warm.

    Battery life not good so will get a battery booster for work trips. Will ring/email HTC to get advice.

  • brett

    Mine hits right around 98 to 103… Did you switch out the battery yet joe?

    • Joe Sirianni

      No, its not actually the battery. When I pulled the battery, it was the device that was smoking hot not the battery. Everyone else I know with a sensation is not having this issue. This might be a single isolated problem with my device.

  • ubuntubwoy

    JOE SIRIANNI, it’s not just you device, my Sensation hit 54 degrees Celsius before it reset itself and did that twice!

    I packed it away and sent it back to my supplier, I’m waiting for my replacement to come.

  • Mario

    There is a very detailed app for the device out of the box. Its the “My Device” app. The bluetooth radio is causing most of my overheating issues. In fact I saw temps rise all the way up to 125 degrees. As soon as I turned it off, it started dropping quickly. Plus it cause a very drastic drain on the battery. I drive in California a lot and have to use my bluetooth to avoid a ticket. I have been plugging the phones wired headset into my stereo and using speakerphone since I dont like wired headsets.

  • Drew

    I have the Sensation and its really hot all the time. Just charging and even if I kill all the extraneous apps running in the bg. If I’m outside on a hot day taking pictures it actually overheats and restarts itself. I had that happen repeatedly yesterday. I hope they put out an update asap. Part of the problem may be all the tons and tons of useless crap they factory install that can’t be removed. Bootloader unlock can’t come soon enough!

  • tyebrea battle

    I just got my HTC sensation and since day one I to have been experiencing the same over heating problems. Not sure what I should do about this but it is harmful and I’m worried something may be wrong with my phone.

  • nani

    you’r not alone i’v seen up to 48,5 C on my sensation,but there is something else that bugs me,when my phone is pluged in and i use it heavilly the battery life is droping.if there is any new info please let us know

  • renemagickar

    same here, just got my sensation today and just when i started to use in just a minute of use i can feel the heat and after an hour its not heat but HOTHOTHOT!!! we complain to HTC or TMOBILE both are guilty of something here in this issue. Oh, added to this problem is my connectivity is STOCK TO 2G worst connection drops from connection and the HOT PHONE.

  • Nataly®

    I’m experiencing the same hot problem. It happens when i play or use internet. It is hot on the bottom half of the phone and as the battery is on the top half it is the problem. The screen is even hotter than the back of the phone.
    I’ve contacted HTC and they told me to get it back to the supplier for an exchange.
    I hope the new one won’t have this problem too…

  • Ahmed

    It seems to be a common heating problem, and it is always it the bottom half of the phone on the front and back. It is stragne that HTC only solution is to replace the handset.

  • Teresa

    My HTC sensation has been doing the same thing. I had it only for a few wks and T-Mobile would only offer me a refurbished phone. Yesterday my phone temp said 120! I’ve been surfing the web n been on fb for maybe an hr and it’s super hot now.

  • samad

    I also have same problem of heating like you guys have on sensation 4g. I just lower my brightness and it little bit works for me.

  • Deandris

    My battery reached 122 degrees. I had to take the batter out and let it sit for about 20 mins for it to cool down.

  • CheeseMan

    To Check Battery temp and other useful things, dial *#*#4636#*#*
    This will give you access to hidden apps for monitoring – battery temp is in here! :)

  • Colin

    Mine gets so hot that it turns off all the time. Last night it got up to 123 and I wasn’t even using it. It was charging. I woke up and tried to check the time and it was uncomfortable in my hand. I woke up this morning and it had totally crashed and i had to do a factory reboot. I love the phone when it is working but it is a piece of garbage.

  • androidlover4life

    mine overheats alot(the screen on top of where the battery is located becomes a warm-hot(havent checked temp)) i usually restart it and it tends to cool off.

  • Stacey

    Hi everybody on this forum, I also had this tempature issue with my phone. I checked my tempature gage and it was up to 66.7 degrees C. While surfing the internet I found that, that was 152 degrees F. I called T-Mobile to complain about this issue, as I thought that was unacceptable. The customer service representenative was very helpful she informed me that the battery was only an accessory. In order to fix the problem I had to pay $7.99 to get a new battery because it was an accessory and it was no longer under warrenty. I hope this fixs the problem or else I have to replace my phone. I wonder how much that will cost me :x

  • David Smith

    I didnt know about the temperature thing with these it was sold as one of the best to me. I soon discovered it was running a bit hot as I could feel it right through the protective rubber case I bought for it. It started not connecting and adversely connecting on its own. I could call but nobody could hear me. Then I couldnt call anyone at all. It now takes twice as long to boot up and find its mommy. I think HTC needs to fix this asap as it will put a dent in their bottom line and folks are turning away from HTC FAST due this and other issues like dealer not wanting to replace phone and putting it off on service provider whether its Bell or Telus or ATT or any other from what Im reading now. Damn why didnt I read up on it before buying? I was taken by the super screen and clarity and all the bells and whistles but wow talk about crap in a box all wrapped up in pretty paper and bows. Now i have a fight on my hands to get another smart phone some how and have a 3 year contract to pay off. Thanks HTC and Bell you low life floor flushers. They need a class action law suit to get their attention I say. Whos down with that?  Nice apps though with APPBrain online or through Wi-Fi good radio too but I wasnt buy a gaming device or a shopping device or something to play tunes on I was buying a phone that could do all that and more according to what I did read on Bells site and HTC site. I cant even use the texting as it wont stay connected any more due to heating problems and if heat is the enemy then HTC needs to do its best to fix this for us all NOW or take the loss in market values on NYSX as their sales will plummet fast. If there is any interest mail me at as you cant call me now ;-(


    I’ve had the Sensation 4g for the last 2 months and have noticed that overheating only happens when the GPU is in use. I kill my apps constantly keeping it at a safe room temperature but when playing a game (Paradise Island for example) around 10 minutes will heat it up to 105F and Tank Hero will heat it up to 120F. This is unacceptable because the same Tank Hero didn’t heat up my old HTC Hero (which had no GPU and a single core 528mHz CPU)

  • Guest

    Yeah this phone overheats WAY too much. It was said to be one of the best, and my phone constantly reaches 45-47 degrees celsius after 10-15 minutes of usage, and this causes it to keep crashing and apparently vital internal parts are starting to melt in my phone. Does HTC/t-mobile give replacement units if for this? Because this really seems like a big issue.

  • David H. Montgomery, AL

    My Sensation 4G was getting up to 137F. during charging. One time it got up to 148… It was not the battery but the bottom circuit board and components getting that hot, then the heat was transferring to the battery making it hot… Not a battery issue, and only got that hot while charging. TMOUS warrantied my device.