Root Your 3.1 Asus Transformer

Before the most recent update for the Asus Transformer, rooting it was an absolute necessity. The newest update, however, has made the device much smoother. That doesn’t stop the urge for some people to root it! Straight from xda, member mashi has found a much simpler way (than before) to root the Asus.

It’s not the most pretty of root methods, nor does it give you all of the usual goodies you’re used to when running rooted ROMs, but it’s superuser permissions nonetheless. The actual method does not give you Clockwork Recovery Mod, but the dev walks you through steps if you’re so inclined to have it. It’s a rather tedious process but the step by step instructions are pretty in depth. Head on over to the thread to start!

[via xda]

  • micha

    wrong: the thread also includes CWM!

  • Fone_Fanatic

    Thanks to mashi for posting the files but his directions were very vague and people were having trouble following it. I did the step-by-step guide (post #52) and pm’d him asking to put a link to my post in the first post but I guess he found it easier to just copy and paste my post with no credit given… :-\