Sprint EVO 4G getting update today, fixes Netflix and SMS

Recently the EVO 4G was updated to Gingerbread, but there were some bugs. A major one was Netflix completely disappearing because of Gingerbread compatibility issues. A maintenance update (version 4.24.651.1) went live today that fixes the following items:

  • SMS are intermittently sent to wrong and seemingly random contact
  • “Me” instead of “Yo” in SMS thread conversations when set to Spanish
  • Unable to stream media thru some applications after updating to 3.70
  • Email attachments are not displayed in the mail client
  • Multiple Gmail accounts no longer sync after FroYo update
  • Fix for battery discharge issue
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Downloads managementThe Downloads application gives the user easy access
  • to any file downloaded from the browser, email,or another application
  • Corrects voicemail notification issue (from 4.22.651.2)
  • Corrects issue with hearing aid compatibility menu disappearing (from 4.22.651.2)
  • Netflix compatibility (from 4.22.651.2)

Kudos to HTC for getting this done quickly.

[via androidcentral]

  • Skeptical

    The above article indicates that the update went live today. However, as of about 11AM eastern time, my EVO 4G does not see any HTC software updates. Has anybody gotten update 4.22.651.2 yet today?

  • Skeptical

    Err: I meant the subsequent update to 4.22.651.2

    • http://talkandroid.com Robert Nazarian

      Keep checking, the word is it may be released in short waves with auto pushes to hit everyone within 24 hours.

  • Cdaddy

    As of now (11AM Central Time) Still no update…

  • nikki

    Just got off the phone with sprint about the gingerbread update….And the TECH guy said that the gingerbread bug fix will not be hitting thee OTA waves until 2 or plus weeks from now……

  • John

    Does anyone know if this will fix any of the other issues? (Constant Sense Restarts, Swype double tap, SMS time inconsistancies)

  • John

    It was pushed to my phone today… installing right now

  • Skeptical

    @John Thanks. They must be rolling it out in waves then… No manual update available here yet :( I hope it resolves your issues… The Sense UI restarts are getting annoying!

  • John

    That was a different John… I still haven’t gotten the update.

  • DJ

    I been checking since midnight no update yet I called HTC and was told it comes out in droves and could take up to two weeks but the guy was very unprofessional to me over the phone so who knows it just might hit the masses today

  • Jaime

    Still no upgrade on west coast

  • dash

    I think the whole thing is bogus. Why give a bad update right before the new evo comes out? Then if may rake weeks to fix. I think its a ploy to boost evo 3d sales

  • dash

    And we get nothing for our inconvenience

  • Bob

    Sprint chat rep confirmed the 4.24.651.1 update should be available today. He made it sound as though it wouldn’t be an OTA update, but rather a text message linking to a manual update. I could be wrong though, those Sprint reps aren’t the easiest to understand some of the time.

  • http://allreeeds.com Dr. All Reeds

    Upstate Ny .. after 4PM…no update yet…nada…nothing…bupkis….hoping and waiting patiently…no manual update either….

  • dustin

    4:30 pm eastern shore. No update. Also don’t call sprint support they always have a standard response for things of this nature. I manually installed gingerbread and then called and asked them for fun :b when it was going to be available for manual download and they had no idea what I was talking about.

  • dog6869

    I got the update today 4.22.651.2. I live in New Orleans

  • johnny

    Still nothing in N.C.

  • bob

    Dog6869, that is an older update, that’s what we’re all on. The update we are waiting for is: 4.24.651.1. Still no update here.

  • fantasmo

    It’s 9 central jus got the update its massive hope they get 4 g up sooner than later

  • Jim

    Mine started updating today, but I was in a bad area and it wasn’t loading, just killing my battery so I cancelled it. Now I can’t find it!

  • sara

    Just got the update 1:09 am, south Texas! Manual push! Netflix works!!!

  • peter

    i got the update but now the 4g is broke stuck at obtaining IP addy, still no netflix in market i didnt get mine downloaded before they pulled it previously

  • Johnny

    Just updated to the newest update and no netflix still

  • Skeptical

    Pleased to share that my update became available overnight, vis System updates OTA. It appears that the notifications and ActiveSync issues are resolved. Sense UI has not restarted yet either. Netflix streaming works too! Although, the Netflix app is prompting me to update and Evo is grayed out as a compatible device in the Marketplace (Note the Netflix .apk is available at XDA developers)… Nevertheless, so far, so good with the fixes… Any other observations? Please share…

  • John

    Got my update…swype double tap is still an issue, but by now I’m used to the work around of just hitting the swype button, so it’s not that big a deal. My Sense was ALWAYS restarting when i left the internet, and so far, that hasn’t happened so that’s good. Time will tell is the SMS time consistnecy problem is still there – that was my wife’s phone so we’ll see.
    The other error i noticed was voice search not working if the phone was travelling at a certain speed (i.e. in a car, where it would be MOST useful). It would work fine while i was walking, but in a car no dice. Will check that later today.

    Don’t use netflix so can’t comment on that issue. Didn’t have the VM problem either.

  • Corrina

    I still can’t get netflix. When I try to go through their website to the android market it says that my phone isn’t capable. I really want netflix on my phone =(

  • josh

    lis all lies evo still has no netflixs app that works as of 10:40 am 6/21/2011

  • http://www.uncommonadamsmith.blogspot.com adam

    Anyone have a link to the xda apk?

  • Corrina


    I downloaded the app from there and it works, but it keeps buffering out. I’m at work so I don’t have wifi access so I don’t know if that’s why.

  • Skeptical

    @Josh, while #Netflix is not officially supported through the Android Market, I can assure you that the apk I installed does work.@Corrina & @adam, I will try this evening to update this thread with the link to the XDA-developers post.

  • Meli

    I did a manual update abt 15 min ago, still no netflix!

  • but really tho

    Just got the update. Still NO NETFLIX!!! Seriously?

  • Meli

    I was able to access netflix.apk from my download folder in ASTRO, I installed that version and was told there was a new version, installed it and it works…

  • Rainbow

    Had the update since updating . I’m not having any more problems with Sprint Tv. Use to buffer constantly,but the update fixed the issuses works great flawlessly in that area. Only annoying thing now is trying it remove the voicemail icon notification since updating that icon is stuck lol. I’m just happy I can watch netflix ,tv .com and crackle with out any buffeting issues. Also YouTube HQ is working use to have problems with that also. So far am impressed with the service but anxious to get 4G working in all States. Once I turn my hotspot on and download speed time with my iPad is a 7,and a half on a scale of 10

  • Rainbow

    P.S I’m currently in Atlanta,GA

  • Bob Says

    I got the update today, 6-21-11 and Netflixs works GREAT just as it did before the OS update. Thanks to HTC|Sprint.

  • Help

    I did the maintenance update & netflix works up until I try to stream something… then it tells me my device is incompatible and logs me out completely. I don’t know if its an issue with the netlix acct or the phone?

  • Sushi Sam

    I just got the ota update here in the bay area, 6-23-11 about noon time.

  • Ian

    4.24.651.1 was pushed to my Evo this morning. All seems well so far.

  • Rachel

    Got the update on June 20th….NOTHING HAS CHANGED WITH MY PHONE!!!! So aggravating! I’ve officially stopped using my SMS and use WhatsApp. I don’t know what else to do. All SMS are logged wrong consistently and this did not change one bit over the last month :(