TalkAndroid at E3: Meeting With Spacetime Studios

Spacetime Studios invited us to spend some time with them and their new project Space Legends. Some of you might know them from their very successful mobile MMORPG (MMMORPG?) Pocket Legends, and they are releasing a space-themed pseudo-sequel called Space Legends. I visited with Gary Gattis from Spacetime for about twenty minutes, and he talked about the project and gave us a (very short) video run-through of the opening of the game. More after the break.

Gary gives us a little intro to the mobile MMORPG that is debuting on the Xperia Play, but will be available on other Android phones in the near future. Based on what I saw demoed, and my hands-on time, it’s a game worth checking out. It’s gorgeous, and it has nearly all the features you want out of your MMORPG, but available on your phone. It features multiple classes, and even male/female selections, giving you choices galore on what kind of character you play. Originally developed as a high-budget PC game (but transitioned to a mobile game, very successfully) Space Legends gives you a lot of options to create your character, plus a beautiful world within which you can explore. Space Legends brings a lot to the table that our readers are likely to adore, and when it hits the market, I highly recommend you all give it a shot. They’re aiming to debut later this month, with a rockin’ MMO that I think all fans of the genre will enjoy. Full video follows.