Check Out Your GPS Status With This Neat App

For those of us that use our phone for any sort of navigation, GPS is one of the most important radios on our phone. But as important as it is that GPS is working, it’s just as important for it to be accurate. How many times have you used GPS and suddenly you think it might be on the wrong road? Ever gone through a long tunnel and not been sure if it really locked onto your phone when you came out? Thanks to xda member dragonro, you’ll never need to worry again.

dragonro has written up a neat little app that will tell you how many GPS satellites are actually connected to your phone. Even better, it’s not an app that takes up the entirety of your screen. You launch it and it displays a cool little number in your notification bar that shows you how many satellites are locked on at any given time. Just as smart, you can activate when GPS is turned off and it’ll kill itself whenever you turn GPS off. Cool beans, eh? It’s a simple little app that navigation junkies are sure to get a good kick out of. The app is still in development, but it has worked flawlessly in my testing with it. Head on over to his thread to get more info.

[via xda]

About the Author: Andrew Greenfield

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