Yesterday: No Gingerbread for the HTC Desire, Today: It is coming

We reported yesterday that HTC announced Gingerbread would not be coming to the HTC Desire because of memory constraints. That was a quote on their Facebook page.

I am not sure where the memory came from, but HTC has completely reversed their stance with the above quote on Facebook today. Somehow the consumers have spoken and HTC has figured this out. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind as long as it is good news.

[via engadget]

  • Robin


  • noah

    Hahaha. Android manufacturers never change. Same thing happened with my G1, I believe. They said, “it doesn’t have enough RAM”, even though hackers got it on the system almost immediately. It’s total bullshit. It’s part of why I prefer iOS, today. As long as your phone isn’t 4 years old, you get the update. No waiting for your manufacturer or carrier or developer to port it.