Google maps with Navigation going offline mode in summer?


What would make a company like TomTom or Garmin shake a little when it comes to competition? How about Google Maps with Navigation offering a downloadable offline mode application? That’s the word on the street according to AllAboutPhones who reports that Google is launching just that this summer.

The application would not require any users to connect using data when out of service areas, but still provides full map functionality with navigation. This would likely be a map package that the user would need to download in advance and store on the mobile device for access when out of data range. One thing we don’t know however is whether Google will charge for this service, or perhaps charge for the downloadable maps individually, etc. Either way, if Google launches this and only charges anything under $50, it’s still going to be a huge kick in the rear for competing GPS navigational tools currently available.

Let us know how you think this will play out, will Google charge?

[via androidandme, allaboutphones]

About the Author: Jesse Bauer

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  • Ade

    is a data connection for maps really that much of an issue? Mobile coverage is pretty good in the UK and it seems to buffer a fair bit of data. I do use google nav but not enough to really know for sure.

    The thing it will definitely do tho is to drive down the price of standalone devices which cant be a bad thing.

  • marcosrg3003

    Can I pay for it now?????


    I will be the number 1 user of this service if they let me!

  • Patryk

    I hope it’s gonna be free, i would not pay for it, i’d prefer to see some ads during the download and installation of maps
    Nokia offered ovi maps for free, google have to do better

  • Curt

    @Ade – For Verizon customers, downloadable maps are a big deal. When we are on the phone, the CDMA standard does not allow data to be downloaded during a phone call. Its just a limitation of the technology.

    Also all cell phone providers have holes in there coverage in the more rural area of the US. In these areas, it would be nice to havce downloadable maps would help.

  • Håvard

    The one place you (I) need maps/navigation is when trying to find your way in “new” places – that is often abroad in my case. Even if mobile coverage is good in these places, data roaming fees are very expensive so this is good news!

  • Tom

    I personally would love it, I use Google maps to plan routes everyday. Having the ability to download those routes with 6 or 7 stops would be like a dream come true. I might be able to put my wifi tablet to good use finally.

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    If you are out hiking where you either do no have a cell signal, or you put your phone into airplane mode to save on batteries, then this would be very beneficial. Also, I’d like to have such functionality for when I fly. I often wonder approximately where I am, what lake is down there, etc.

  • Noel

    My prayers will answered if this comes to fruition…i have been clamoring abt this on many blogs for a STAND ALONE GOOGLE MAPS APP devoid of any data usage. I use Google maps for navigation many times a day… i love love love it. It is the best when it comes to navigation…i think it beats stand alone navigation devices. Where do i start…street view, turn by turn voice navigation, Intersection view, helicopter view of route, exact picture view of ur destination address/bldg etc…i can’t w8 oh yeah

  • Doug

    This is good. I will get a large memory card and fill it with maps. Cached maps are way better, no data charges, no data coverage lapses, they load instantly, save battery, this is a big one, when you are in your car you can charge the phone. When you are hiking; kayaking, biking, walking, not so much. I totally agree with Curt about the CDMA not handling data and calls at same time.

  • Rank

    Everybody on the continent in Europe will love this. I for one cross borders all the time, and it’s a real pain that you can no longer use navigation when you do, because of steep roaming costs. If I could download the map for the whole of Europe, that would simply be great.