Google Nexus 3 image found then taken down – ‘politely’

mockup google nexus 3

The image seen above is apparently a test device given to “a buddy that works in the Android Dev Labs”, and is supposed to be the next Nexus (Nexus 3 or whatever they decide to call it). Google may be in talks with HTC and LG over who the next manufacturer will be of the Google branded smartphone (which we all admire for getting prompt Android updates before anyone else). Notice the missing buttons on the bottom of the touchscreen. Despite the sketchiness of the source, it stands to reason that this could be a new Android device for testing, whether it’s actually the ‘Nexus 3’ we, or anyone for that matter currently, can not determine. It was said that Android Ice Cream Sandwich would not need to rely on stationary buttons for navigation through the Android OS, but again, this is all speculation.

One more little tidbit to add some controversy here is that the original source who leaked this image online no longer has the article. When you hit the techhog source link below, you’ll only find this statement;

(Photo removed per request)

(Information removed per request)

Sorry everyone, I’ve been politely asked to remove the information from this page regarding the 3rd Nexus. I apologize for the inconvenience.

That adds a layer of ‘fishiness’ does it not? Who asked for it to be taken down? HTC, LG, Google?

[via mobilesyrup, techhog]

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  • level380

    Hope this phone is quad band….. Has a led notification light. Plus some other cool stuff.

  • curse

    I doubt HTC will do the next Nexus, they’ve already done one.. So far there have been a Snapdragon(Qualcomm/HTC) and a Hummingbird(Samsung), my guess is that the next is a Tegra(Nvidia/built by LG, Motorola or a total surprise)

  • Jesse Bauer

    I’d have to agree ‘curse’. LG or Motorola would be a logical next choice. What about iNQ though? kidding.

  • Ack

    Wonder if some ex-Google employee has to go looking for a new job over this. Waste of career opportunity, sharing a prototype pic.

  • al

    it seens be like the HTC Sensation , if ou look at the front speaker …