Another set of great CyanogenMod 7 themes (HDPI/MDPI)

A good portion of us Android enthusiasts love to customize our devices in as many ways as we can. We want to make it our own, stand out from the rest. This is the whole reason for the existence of XDA-developers.

Well one of XDA’s hard working members – kevin2516 – has brought us some more eye candy for our enjoyment. He has created six different themes, all extracted from various devices: Motorola, Samsung and Sony. All of which give you their specific look and feel with, GingerBlur, Xperia, and Xperia arc, MotoBlur, TouchWiz themes.

You can read more on this at the original thread in the XDA-developers forum. So head on over and check them out. If you choose to use one of  kevin2516‘s themes, give him a quick *thanks* for all the hard work.

[via xda]