AT&T Finally Listens To The People, Sideloading Available On All Devices From Here On Out

Not sure if it was the hundreds and thousands of AT&T users out there ranting and raving about the inability to side-load apps onto their devices or not, but it looks like AT&T is finally listening.  With the recent release of the Infuse 4G (unboxing & review) it was assumed that from here on out all future releases would be distributed in the same manner.  Man, are we glad our assumptions were correct!  AT&T has recently confirmed to developers that from here on out, no more disabling the side-loading feature on smartphones .  Thank you for listening to the people AT&T, we greatly appreciate it, for once.  Is there anyway you can get Motorola to stop implementing Motoblur on their devices?  Hey, I figure it was worth a try.  So what does this mean now?  It means you can finally hit up the Amazon App Store and download all of the cool apps Talk Android has been reviewing on a daily basis.  If you’re an AT&T customer, let us know what you think of your new found freedom in the comments below.

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About the Author: Joe Sirianni

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  • Justin

    I’ve been using the sideload wonder machine to do this for a long time… This is not even news…

    • Joe Sirianni


      Your average consumer is not aware of this tool nor do most of them know how to operate it. They just expect apps to work on their device. In addition. You are held captive by your PC as that is a windows application. In my opinion, most users want to be able to download over the air directly from their devices while on the go.

  • FredOak

    No mention of previous devices though

  • Afstefan

    About time. But as someone else stated what about existing devices. Will the inspire be open for side loading when the update is released

    • Joe Sirianni

      I believe AT&T will be rolling out with an update for existing devices which will unlock the feature for you.

  • teh Dude

    No, yuo!!

  • Angela Gamblin

    That said update for EXISTING devices better be rolling out…AT&T has gotten a lot of my money. I wasn’t planning on upgrading any time soon.