HTC Puccini 10-inch Honeycomb LTE tablet leaks

Well it looks like the Flyer is not the only tablet that HTC will be offering. The HTC Puccini was recently exposed by 911sniper. It is expected to have LTE for Cingular (AT&T), Android 3.0.1, a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor, and a 10-inch (1280 x 800) screen.

Looking at the pictures, you can see the UI looks much like the Flyer’s Sense 3.0 along with the Notes app which means it will most likely have Magic Pen compatibility.

As more details leak we will let you know.

[via engadget]

  • Tony Hedges

    I am a fan of HTC Sense, but I see it as a phone UI/OS. I can’t yet make the leap that just making it a bit bigger makes it ok for a tablet. Also going on the fact that it seems to take HTC forever to implement updates for the core android used, I’m not sure.

    I think it would need to be several other things to knock Xoom off top spot. Speed is one, and it seems to have that covered (if the leak proves true). Weight is important, it must be significantly lighter than the heavy old Xoom (not tried the wi-fi xoom, but 3g model is heavy). Looks, HTC has a reputation for designing good looking devices. I don’t want a tablet that looks like an over-sized phone (which is why I wouldn’t go for the Flyer).

    Xoom is still ahead of the pack in my head…

  • QwertyJuan

    Knock Xoom off top spot? Pardon me?? Xoom isn’t even in second place. The new Samsung Tablet would def. be a better tablet as would the Asus Transformer.

  • iphone family

    I really hope HTC learns from the disaster that is the pricing of their other tablet. I also hope they don’t let Best Buy or any other retailer sell the pen separately. If the price is reasonable and it launches with the pen included I’ll buy.

  • Wally

    Hey i was wondering if its really true is there gonna be a 10-Inch HTC pad? If so when can i order one?